French IV Essential Accent/Spelling Change Verbs

30 terms By williad2 Teacher

23-Spanish: Second List Verbs - Spelling Changes - Present Tense - elkwv

36 terms By mrmartin-elkwv Teacher

stem changing verbs spelling

20 terms By beardchr Teacher

Present-tense verbs (spell-change regulars)

60 terms By davidmcdonie Teacher

French I verb spelling contract list

19 terms By madsig

French 2 BV1 Ch. 12, 3 Spell-change verbs-present tense

34 terms By GPHS-French Teacher

Les Verbes "Spelling Change"

40 terms By colletteblock

French 4 spell changing verbs

65 terms By izzylask

French 4 Reprise Chapter 1 Verbs (spell)

47 terms By mccoykg

French 4 spelling change verbs

46 terms By sarblack12

French 4 Spelling-Change Verbs

29 terms By gabbypommenville

D'accord 3: Le├žon 1 Spelling change verbs

40 terms By MmeSilitch Teacher

Spelling changer verbs French 4 Lesson 1

16 terms By buckingham1027

Spelling-change verbs

71 terms By TiffanyZ17

french 4 spell change verbs unit 1

44 terms By mgw17

-er verbs (spelling change)

40 terms By manuelaquintero94

French 4 -ER Verbs with spelling changes in c, g, & y (pp. 6-7)

39 terms By jessicadauphine

Honors French 4 Spell Change Verbs

28 terms By acohen701

2015 Spell It - Words from French

98 terms By Thinhpng

Verbs (Spelling Changes)

40 terms By hhacker

Verbes (spelling changes)

39 terms By raradida

Critical Verbs Spelling List

15 terms By TAugedahl

French 8 - Chapter 4 Verbs (spelling changes)

56 terms By LindaGutierrez

Les Verbes- Spelling Changes

70 terms By mireille_heidbreder

Verb Spelling List

25 terms By ansleyharp2

french -er verbs spelling irregularities

56 terms By dreamyoceangirl

French 4-2 Spelling

17 terms By PelczK4602

-CER Verbs (Spelling Change)

18 terms By snhill

Verbes (Spelling Change -er)

15 terms By jcw3bu

2015 Spell It - Words from New World Languages

56 terms By susanstewart228 Teacher

Week 4 Spelling French

20 terms By sofiparamo

French 3 Irregular Verbs+Spelling Changing Verbs

95 terms By glh11

French Verb Spelling Changes

80 terms By rckrane

2015 Spell It - Words from New World Languages

56 terms By Thinhpng

Critical Verbs Spelling List II

7 terms By TAugedahl

verb spelling list

25 terms By sophievilla28

french verbs (spelling change)

17 terms By nshaw404

-GER Verbs (Spelling Change)

18 terms By snhill

irregular verb spelling list

24 terms By K6291

Promenades- "er" Verbs Spelling Changes

42 terms By mbader97

Verb Spelling List

25 terms By WilliamParker23

2015 Spell It - Words from French

98 terms By susanstewart228 Teacher

-er Regular Verbs (spelling changes)

58 terms By mayblood

French ER Verbs Spelling

11 terms By miaarvanigian

French 4-1 spelling

11 terms By PelczK4602

French: -er verbs spelling change, -ir verbs regular and irregular

22 terms By vheinsohn

Verb Spelling Changes

26 terms By AlyssaGBuzzeo

spelling change verbs

40 terms By dboyd1 Teacher

French 4 Reprise Chapter 2 (spell)

60 terms By mccoykg

spanish ii h list i verbs spelling change

120 terms By jlyne19