AP Lit Roots 1-4

43 terms By zhongjen000

World Lit. Root Lists 1-5

125 terms By adasilva6095

Adv. World Lit Roots

61 terms By Meredith_Frey1

AP lit root words ingram

124 terms By dddpope Teacher

Lit roots

35 terms By stephanie_lemus1

Lit Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

46 terms By juliereed

Unit 1 American Lit Root Words/Vocab

43 terms By sophiehoran25

Lit Roots

40 terms By dcloud09

American Lit Roots

36 terms By ms_christiansen

AP Lit Roots 5-6

21 terms By zhongjen000

AP lit root words ingram

124 terms By elinxie

AP Lit. Roots Lesson 3-4

23 terms By nisarg_gandhi

AP Lit- Roots lesson 3-4

23 terms By leesam000

World Lit Root Words

52 terms By Abby24F

Lit Root Words

74 terms By Soulreap101


61 terms By elizabethwiggans

world lit roots

39 terms By AndreaG2016

AP Lit Root Words

125 terms By 0mchlllee

Writ Lit Root words

31 terms By noodlebennett

9th Lit Root Words 3

40 terms By midoricseh

Lit roots 1

14 terms By em154695

AP LIT Root Words

100 terms By clarkandtheark

AP Lit- Roots lesson 1-2

20 terms By leesam000

lit roots 41-70

30 terms By marygracekuch

AP Lit- Roots lesson 9-10

25 terms By leesam000

Adv Senior Lit Roots

30 terms By mhubbard2014

AP Lit Root Words 1-5

51 terms By Athlete-105

9th Lit Root Words List 2

40 terms By midoricseh

Ughs Ap lit roots Morris/Ferguson all

100 terms By kcrh12

Lit roots

31 terms By grantdavis32

AP Lit Roots 15-16

20 terms By nisarg_gandhi

AP Lit Roots

25 terms By PV_Pilot2014

Lit Roots Final

175 terms By audsquad10

Lit Root Test (One)

19 terms By imDerpz

Lit Roots Top 50

50 terms By dcloud09

AP Lit- Roots lesson 5 + 6

21 terms By leesam000

AP Lit Roots 7-8

16 terms By nisarg_gandhi

AP Lit Roots Lesson 9-10

25 terms By nisarg_gandhi

lit roots 50-75

25 terms By alexusmorgaan

AP Lit- Roots lesson 11-12

22 terms By leesam000

Survey Lit Roots Lessons 1 and 2

40 terms By victoriadifranco

AP Lit Roots

28 terms By maria_gund

AP Lit Roots 1-2

20 terms By nisarg_gandhi

AP Lit Roots Lesson 1, 2, 3, 4

67 terms By rodell000

Lit Roots

30 terms By abalus

9th LIT Root Word List

30 terms By Isabella_Condo

American Lit Roots

50 terms By ashley_songer5

World Lit Roots

21 terms By Becca_Cohen4

AP Lit- Roots lesson 13-14

16 terms By leesam000

World Lit Roots

59 terms By Cecelise