Spanish Language and Lit Final

12 terms By christinamarquis

Glossary of Literary Terms for AP Lit and Lang

112 terms By rosemaryeddy TEACHER

AP Lit Literary Terms DJHS

100 terms By maureenjgd TEACHER

Lit and whole language vocabulary

14 terms By Halleaw31

Figurative Language

11 terms By murphynicole TEACHER

AP Lit Figurative Language Practice

21 terms By Ms_McCarthy TEACHER

2 Lit Terms - Figurative Language Focus

15 terms By siroismichelle TEACHER

AP Lit and Language Terms

58 terms By Courtney_Cheng

World Lit and Comp WOTD!

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4 Lit Terms - Language Focus

14 terms By siroismichelle TEACHER

Lit Terms: Figurative language and poetry terms

15 terms By quizlette677654 TEACHER

IB English Lit - Language Terms

133 terms By viverdoo22

AP LIT Figurative Languages

23 terms By okjangkhun

AP Lit terms 1

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7th Lit Exam: Figurative Language/Literary Devices

16 terms By abjohns2 TEACHER

Huge long thing of AP Lit terms

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AP Lit Terms

163 terms By Samuel_Cooke3

Lit Terms language arts

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108 terms By tbetzala TEACHER

AP Language - Lit Words 1

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AP Language - Lit Words 3

17 terms By jacobm89216

Lit Terms

13 terms By Will_Hench

Language Arts 202 Lit Terms

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AP Language - Lit Words 2

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Vocabulary IB Language and Lit HL

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7th grade lit - Figurative Language

31 terms By chris1413

Lit Terms

35 terms By Bianca_Roman7

Language and Lit. Vocab Quiz

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Figurative Language and Literary Terms

22 terms By smagyar22 TEACHER

Language Arts Terms - Genres of Lit

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Figurative Language - definitions & examples w/pics

21 terms By murphynicole TEACHER

Figurative Language and Story Devices

18 terms By murphynicole TEACHER

AP Language + Lit Vocab

39 terms By madelynnesteb

A Level Language and Literature terms

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Language and Lit-Vocab SPANISH

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AP Lit Terms 40 - 80

42 terms By OLC

Language and Lit EXAMS

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AP Language Lit Terms List #2

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lit/lang spoken language revision

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AP Language Lit Terms List #1

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AMV Lit. & Lang. Arts 4th Grade GCA

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