GACE Middle School Language Arts Literature (Authors)

By orchardgirlTEACHER
146 terms by orchardgirlTEACHER

Language Arts Characters and Authors

By Kimi_Storm
24 terms by Kimi_Storm

Language arts poems and authors

By Tiff123Tiff
15 terms by Tiff123Tiff

Language Arts - Authors

By JohnAtoms
9 terms by JohnAtoms

Language Arts Authors

By redpandabloom
13 terms by redpandabloom

Language Arts Authors Purpose


Authors Language Arts

By joe_cvengros
14 terms by joe_cvengros

Authors for Language Arts

By milansakhrani
12 terms by milansakhrani

Language Arts Authors

By lilly_miller11
11 terms by lilly_miller11

Art of Literature- Author and work

By jshahid21
39 terms by jshahid21

Language Arts Elements Of Literature

By Karine_LewandowskiTEACHER
12 terms by Karine_LewandowskiTEACHER

Language Arts Poems and Authors

By Fabu345
12 terms by Fabu345

Language Arts Poets and Authors

17 terms by OPHELIA911

Language Arts Finial Authors

By Emily8253
25 terms by Emily8253

language arts literature terms

By Amelia_Wimmer
45 terms by Amelia_Wimmer

Language Arts Author Research

By Elijah_Harp
25 terms by Elijah_Harp


By chatterbox1213
33 terms by chatterbox1213

Language Arts Literature terms

By Ayesha_Qureshi4
46 terms by Ayesha_Qureshi4

Language arts-Literature Vocabulary

By Will_Fulton5
17 terms by Will_Fulton5

Language Arts Final (Literature)

By Megan_Grewe
14 terms by Megan_Grewe

Praxis II Language Arts - Authors and works

By mattlukemom
64 terms by mattlukemom

Language Arts: Language of Literature Vocabularey

By achamber3241
51 terms by achamber3241

Language Arts Elements Of Literature

By BlooJay
17 terms by BlooJay

Language Arts Literature Terms

By Julianna_Zito
36 terms by Julianna_Zito

Language arts - folk literature

By tfc_alliance
11 terms by tfc_alliance

Language Arts Literature Terms

By CJMassaro
33 terms by CJMassaro

language arts elements of literature

By Mya_Elizabeth5
9 terms by Mya_Elizabeth5

Language Arts: Literature Vocabulary

By TaylaStewart2018
12 terms by TaylaStewart2018

Language Arts/ Literature

By Annie_Hansen
9 terms by Annie_Hansen

Language arts literature

By averykapple
10 terms by averykapple

Language arts elements of literature

By wahlersa1
14 terms by wahlersa1

Language Arts Literature

By Julia_Mann
8 terms by Julia_Mann

Language arts literature

By briennseaman8
22 terms by briennseaman8

Halloween Literature Language Arts

By Shaina_Lofton
10 terms by Shaina_Lofton

language arts literature vocab

By colton_stenger
10 terms by colton_stenger

Literature/Language Arts

25 terms by SERENITY_REESE

Language Arts Folk Literature

By Cash_Duncan
23 terms by Cash_Duncan

Poetry Literature and Language Arts

23 terms by RYUFOX

Elements of Literature (Language Arts)

By chelseacalo07
40 terms by chelseacalo07

Language Arts- Elements of Literature

By jesusfreak2020
25 terms by jesusfreak2020

Language Arts & Literature

By loni_bre16
25 terms by loni_bre16

Literature/Language Arts

By amberbaker23
25 terms by amberbaker23

Literature and the Language Arts

By danefer
48 terms by danefer

Middle School Language Arts Praxis - Authors/Poets

By lindademilo
36 terms by lindademilo


By karlikeeling
9 terms by karlikeeling

Language Arts-Authors Purpose/pov

By emilymoo13
10 terms by emilymoo13

Progression of Language, Literature, and the Arts

By osmith0114
13 terms by osmith0114