Quizlet 1: French Weather (English-French)

18 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Vocab 6 Loomis English

20 terms By quincyq

Quizlet 1: French Greetings w/ English images-French

27 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

200 first French verbs

200 terms By frenchetc

Classroom (British English/French)

25 terms By englishplus Teacher

French Verb Quiz - Présent Indicatif

470 terms By abosch Teacher

French Numbers 1-20

20 terms By soniadwalker Teacher

French Verb Quiz - Futur Simple

470 terms By abosch Teacher

Christmas Vocabulary (English-French)

63 terms By jh1954 Teacher

French Vegetables

30 terms By frenchetc

950+ words in English/French - Anglais/Français

977 terms By englishplus Teacher

D'accord Unit 4B Prendre w/ English-French

31 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French Past Tense with Etre

48 terms By dreaming100

être - to be - French Present Tense

10 terms By frenchetc

English Vocab- Loomis

97 terms By rechenbergt9271

Employment Vocabulary (English-French)

113 terms By jh1954 Teacher

Tools English/French Anglais/Français

41 terms By englishplus Teacher

Vocabulary- English 1 (Loomis & Heaghney)

60 terms By Alex_Salgado875

Loomis Chaffee Fall French 4 Exam

81 terms By leilahnoelle


20 terms By 14jgordon

English III Vocab Words (Loomis)

50 terms By BurlisN

Flight Attendant English - French 2

58 terms By elijah_temperli

Vocab 4 English Loomis

20 terms By quincyq

English 1 Vocab; Loomis and Heaghney

36 terms By nickarciszewski

Vocab 3 English Loomis

20 terms By quincyq

Loomis Vocab #5 sem 1

20 terms By Warisprejudice

Phrasal verbs 2 English-French Marcelin

44 terms By werthmueller

English Vocab 5 Loomis

20 terms By quincyq

Adverbs of frequency (English/French)

8 terms By englishplus Teacher

french study set will loomis

20 terms By minecraft5152002

Loomis Vocab 1

10 terms By astonerook

Gateway B1 - Unit 3 English-French

92 terms By KarinSteffen


11 terms By MmeSilitch Teacher

English Short Stories Loomis

5 terms By quincyq