Parents 'Mandarin In Practice' Lessons November 2015

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Semester Exam #1 Mandarin Vocab

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School Subjects Mandarin 6B

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Mandarin 2 Character Assessment #3

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Character set E

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Mandarin clothing + colors

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mandarin II vocab set five

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Lesson 5 General Sports

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Lesson 3 General Sports

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Languages and Possession

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Mandarin Character Quiz 12/4/15

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Unit Two - Supplementary Vocabulary

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Unit One - Supplementary Vocabulary

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Mandarin Quiz #18

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Supplementary L1

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Clothes Chinese to English (Pinyin)

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Mandarin 4 Lesson 5 Quiz

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Mandarin Quiz

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Core Words - Mandarin (Lesson 12 - 13)

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Mandarin Vocabulary #6

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Mandarin School Supplies Study Guide

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Mandarin Character Assessment #3

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Character set D

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Mandarin Dialogue 1 Chapter 2

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Mandarin Thanksgiving

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Mandarin stuff

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Week 7

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Xiǎomāo #7

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Mandarin - Pinyin/English - Measure Words

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Mandarin (Vocab Pt. 1)

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Mandarin I #21

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House chores

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Mandarin study

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Food and Drinks (pinyin only)

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Frequency words

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Mandarin Food Vocabulary HànYǔ to PīnYīn

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Mandarin- colours (characters)

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Interpersonal mandarin quiz

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Mandarin unit 4 test

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Mandarin Hobby

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Mandarin vocab ~ more shopping words

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Mandarin - Ms. Fromme - Book 2 - Chapter 1 - Single Characters

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