"Me gusta(n)" y "No me gusta(n)"

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Vocabulario 2.2 - Me gusta(n)...

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The verb Gustar: A mí me gusta(n)/ A mí no me gusta(n)

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Likes / Dislikes (Me gusta / No me gusta)

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03 Me gusta(n)

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me gusta(n) .... no me gusta(n)

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Me gusta(n) no me gusta(n)

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3A Me gusta/n y Me encanta/n KF

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Me gusta(n)-- No me gusta(n)

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Me gusta(n)/no me gusta(n)

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¿Qué te gusta hacer? A mí me gusta ...

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Ch. 2 Vocab. 2 - Me gusta/n

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me gusta(n) / no me gusta(n)

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Food/Me gusta/No me gusta-Week 1

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Exprésate1 2v2 A conocernos...me gusta...

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Me gusta(n)...

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Using Me gusta(n) and Me da igual

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Me gusta and te gusta

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0 Intro - Me gusta /n/ (konstrueras med indirekt pronomen)

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Me gusta(n) 10/23/14

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3A Me gusta/n y Me encanta/n

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Me Gusta/n

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Sp2 Food- Me gusta(n)

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Me gusta(n).....

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Me gusta(n)

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Me Gusta/n

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Me gusta/n

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me encanta/me gusta/no me gusta/odio

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Me gusta(n)

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Me gusta/N

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Pasatiempos - cuando hace buen tiempo, me gusta...

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Me Gusta(n)

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Me gusta(n) Chapter 2

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Me gusta(n) Quiz

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Me gusta/n=I like

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#5 Me gusta

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Me gusta Sports for final

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Me gusta (pink packet)

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Me gusta/n

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Sp. 1 Ch. 1--Vocab List A--Verbs and Me/Te/Le/Les/ Gusta(n)

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Me gusta (yellow packet)

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Me Gusta(n) Activities (Chapter 3)

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Me Gusta/n

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Me Gusta(n)

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Me gusta/n

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Me Gusta + Verb

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Me gusta(n)

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Me Gusta/n

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