Minix CSCI 311

By rashaunny
57 terms by rashaunny

Alicia Minix - U8L1 Vocab Words

By AliciaMinix18
39 terms by AliciaMinix18

Ch 1 & 2 - Intro to Linux & Getting Around in Linux

By overlordbTEACHER
41 terms by overlordbTEACHER

Modern Operating Systems 4e - Chapter One - Introduction

By alexanderpozon
27 terms by alexanderpozon


By Emily_Mann6
15 terms by Emily_Mann6

KIPP LA School Leaders

By Jenn_Miranda
13 terms by Jenn_Miranda


By strongtiger2112
20 terms by strongtiger2112

Chapter 1: Welcome to Linux

24 terms by M4573rPTEACHER

CTS 3165 Linux - Key Terms - Ch-1

By Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER
77 terms by Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER

Combo "ITE 2 Linux+ V3 Ch 1 - 14 "

By Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER
763 terms by Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER

French Vocabulaire #1-43

By ami144
43 terms by ami144

Combo - Linux+ Guide to Linux Cert, 3rd Ed. Ch 1-14 "ALL KEY-TERMS"

By Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER
756 terms by Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER

Operating Systems Definitions

By MSR_Mouse
113 terms by MSR_Mouse

Weird languages

By Raedaluofi
25 terms by Raedaluofi

french vocab

By KurtDonovan
23 terms by KurtDonovan

Chapter 3 Vocan

By piper_15
30 terms by piper_15

Chapter 1

By Dawn_Espinoza
33 terms by Dawn_Espinoza


By jonathan_m_juarez
39 terms by jonathan_m_juarez

Words to go 9

By auburntigers2015
15 terms by auburntigers2015

CAE King Air 350 - Annunciators

By mustbeflying
47 terms by mustbeflying

Chapter 1 COSN 205

By kangly
41 terms by kangly

Chapter 1 and 2 acro

By Dawn_Espinoza
49 terms by Dawn_Espinoza

Brain dissection

By nicole_simpson40
69 terms by nicole_simpson40

Linux Overview

By Humberto_Ojeda1
22 terms by Humberto_Ojeda1

Mix bag 3

By Diana373
10 terms by Diana373

General Knowledge

By Mitchell_Adlington
11 terms by Mitchell_Adlington

Environmental Science Chapter 16

By elliot_frei
27 terms by elliot_frei

Ch 1 & 2 - Intro to Linux & Getting Around in Linux

By Stephen_Huh
41 terms by Stephen_Huh

Ss terms

By piggicorn
20 terms by piggicorn

Understanding various data technology

By elm203
58 terms by elm203

Ch1 Review Questions

By Laura_Tiffany
11 terms by Laura_Tiffany

US history ch 1 sec 2&3

By maybeary225
27 terms by maybeary225

Linux+ Terminiology

By Laura_Tiffany
38 terms by Laura_Tiffany

Chapter 1

By jonathan_reed5
46 terms by jonathan_reed5

Chapter 25

By nikki_zbierzkowski
50 terms by nikki_zbierzkowski

Operating System and File Management-Kitchen

By kitchen48
30 terms by kitchen48

chapter 1

By odanilo1986
92 terms by odanilo1986

Chapter 1 Vocab

By AgitatedOstrich
77 terms by AgitatedOstrich

linux essentials roderick smith ch 1-8 ??

By Brk_flo
118 terms by Brk_flo

Operating Systems: Chapter 1

By sanderson925
84 terms by sanderson925

Ch 1 Questions - CINT 108 (same as CTS 3165 USFSM)

By Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER
20 terms by Thomas_BloomfieldTEACHER

Skate board review

By amber294
297 terms by amber294

CAE King Air 350 - Memory Items

By mustbeflying
30 terms by mustbeflying

AP Psych Brain and Biology vocab

By sam_hoov
57 terms by sam_hoov

Operating Systems Chapter 1

By bamareed
90 terms by bamareed

COS 222

By Koby247365
48 terms by Koby247365

L1 Study Guide Multiple Choice Only

By KaySea73
19 terms by KaySea73

Operating Systems

By Chris_Slaugh
68 terms by Chris_Slaugh

linux essentials roderick smith ch 1-8

By Chris_DeLoughery
118 terms by Chris_DeLoughery