Journeys WIR4 L07 Making Movies / Film Facts

24 terms By Daniel_Bo Teacher

Movie&Film by 6+Chinese

26 terms By sixplusteam

French 3 Allez, viens Chapitre 11.2A (Asking for and giving information about movies, films, etc.)

8 terms By rlcarrillo Teacher

Movie film vocal

47 terms By adrianabasss

Movies film pt 2

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40 terms By mulhalle


20 terms By cunning_platypus

Movies, Films, and Televisions

30 terms By hypertweed

movies, films and flicks

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At the movies: Films, cameras, actions

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SPN 1130 chapter 5 Movie/film vocabulary

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Movie/Film Vocabulary

20 terms By katarzynabednarz85

French Movie/Film

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Movies ~ films

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UNIT 2: French Movie Film Genres

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Movies, films

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BIO III Movie/film notes/lecture

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Movies-Film Final

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8 terms By gergo_schnabel

Movie Film

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Readings: Movies & Film Crew

17 terms By Aguerrero891

Movies & Films

50 terms By Octayvia

Talking about movies and films

12 terms By mssobel Teacher

Film Making Vocabulary

32 terms By Lynnalotus

Movies - Module 8

9 terms By SarahFeather Teacher

Types of movies - Eng Result Pre-int U3d

11 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

Film vocabulary for FCE

44 terms By sandymillin

Movies and Culture

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25 terms By Jennifer_Talma5 Teacher

Film Equipment

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Talking about films: Eng File Int U6B

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Talking about movies - English Result Pre-int U3d

17 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

Film First Term Movies

40 terms By egriffin55

Film Movies

29 terms By crhodes

Cinema - pour decrire un film

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33 terms By Zhurauliou

B2 Film Adjectives

17 terms By HollyEnglishTeacher Teacher

Film Movies

21 terms By DaveCU

Film Studies- Movies, director, date, characters

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Les Genres de Film

3 terms By rachelhbaker Teacher

Open Evening: Movie Character Quiz

12 terms By MissJonesFlixton

Film: At the Movies

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Film and Narrative- Understanding movies- Ringling College Semester Final

88 terms By MegV

Film: Movie Terminology for exam 1

61 terms By eaxth1

Films / movies

31 terms By Matmas68

Film Criticism- Directors and Movies

28 terms By sydneyajordan

Film Criticism Exam 01 (Movies/Directors)

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Art and History of Film - Class Films

54 terms By caroline_hogan

Film Movies

19 terms By Mufasa7394

Unit 4: Les Films (movies)

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