Muscle and Joint actions

By sarah_debnekoff
71 terms by sarah_debnekoff

Muscle Actions & Joint movements

By guibens_youte
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Muscle Actions: HIP JOINT

By nicki_meppelink
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Muscle Actions: KNEE JOINT

By nicki_meppelink
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muscle actions - hip joint

By Melodi_Vabre
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Glenohumeral Joint muscle actions

By alexdykhuis
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Muscles & joint actions

By rissa0485
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Hip joint muscle actions

By kelsi_lawrence
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glenohumeral joint muscle actions

By marisabryan
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Hip Joint Muscle Actions

By sarahbeth86
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Muscles & Joint Actions

By Kperrich
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Glenohumeral Joint Muscle Actions

By Becca_Scott16
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temporomandibular joint muscle actions

By angela_lafauci_rash
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Knee Joint Muscle Actions

By garrettka1
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Shoulder Joint Muscle Actions

By jasmini21
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Hip joint muscle actions

By alexandria_kunik
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Joint Muscle Actions

By Angelo_Moise
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shoulder muscle/joint actions

By les39
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Muscle, joint and actions

By h13tipach
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Glenohumeral Joint Muscle Actions

By Hockeyman21
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Shoulder Joint Muscle Actions

By haleybmitchell
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Muscle Actions- GH Joint

By kara_daily
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Muscle Actions: Shoulder Joint

By nathloz
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Shoulder Joint Muscle Actions

By caseyjordan96
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Joint and Muscle actions

By arne_schick
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Shoulder Joint Muscle Actions

By mploetner11
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Hip joint muscle actions

By ashley_bealka
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Muscle/Joint Actions

By chloe_laine_warren
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Elbow Joint: Muscle Actions

By Johnbills64
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Muscle Action: Shoulder Joint

By chelseamcc22
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Muscle Actions and Joint Types

By kelseyeli
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Muscle groups and joint actions

By jhyburg
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Muscle Actions of Shoulder Joint

By garrettka1
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muscle actions of GH joint

By jrusse19
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Joint Action Muscles

By MSGuzman930
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Muscle Actions for the Shoulder Joint

By brad_sitterud14
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Muscle actions of the shoulder joint

By Efrisone
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Muscle Actions of the Shoulder Joint

By jdixson12
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Muscles and actions of the shoulder joint

By Emily_Frances
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AFAA Muscle and Joint Action

By heatherfitness
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Muscle actions of the shoulder joint

By Derya_Ozbay
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Muscles and Joint Actions

By LTJonesy
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Joint Actions and Muscles

By Taylor_VanDyk
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Muscle actions of the shoulder joint

By derlock
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Muscle Actions, Attachments, and Joints

By douglasmwright
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hip joint muscle action

By erinmeleones
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Actions of Shoulder Joint Muscles

9 terms by GetaKALU

Joint Actions and Muscles

By handsomehawk
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muscle actions/joints

By victoria_mitchell8
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Elbow joint muscles (Action)

By Ryan_Ratheal
8 terms by Ryan_Ratheal