Muscle Origins, Insertions, and Actions

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CH.11 Muscular System: Appendicular Muscles Origin/Insertion/Action

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Muscles: origins, insertions and actions - 6 month test

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Muscles - origins and insertions

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Anatomy: Muscle - Name, Origin, Insertion and Action

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Facial Muscles (origin, insertion, action)

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Muscles of the Shoulder Complex: Origin & Insertion

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RHS Anatomy & Physiology: Muscle Origin, Insertion and Action

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Anatomy & Physiology 2 - Muscles Origin & Insertion

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Anatomy & Physiology Muscle Origin, Insertion, and Action Quiz

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Forearm Muscles (origin, insertion, action)

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Articulations and muscles origin, insertion, actions

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Upper Arm Muscles (origin, insertion, action)

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Anatomy: Skeletal Muscles (origin, insertion, and action)

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A&P 141 Lab#8 Human Muscles 1 - Origin, Insertion, & Action

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Hip Muscle Origin & Insertion

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head & neck muscles (origin & insertion)

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Elbow/Forearm Muscles: Origins and Insertions

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CH.11 Muscular System: Axial Muscles Origins/Insertions/Actions

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Position the Pectoral Girdle Muscles (origin, insertion, action)

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Origin, Insertion, and Action of Muscles

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Thoracic Cage and Abdomen Wall Muscles (origin, insertion, action)

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muscles and their origins/insertion

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Muscle Origins and Insertions

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Anatomy and Physiology: Muscles (Anatomy)

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Muscle Origins and Insertions

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Muscles of Head & Neck (Origin, Insertion, Action)

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Hand Muscles (origin, insertion, action)

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Head and Neck (LP2): Muscle Origins and Insertions

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muscles, origin, insertion, action

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Threlfall: Muscles, Origin, Insertion, Action

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Chapter 11: Muscles to know w/ Action, Origin & Insertion

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Kinesio Muscles - Origins and Insertions

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Muscles Origin, Insertion Action

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Muscle origins, insertion, action

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Review Ch 11-12 Table of Muscles- Origins, Insertions, and Actions of Muscles

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Anatomy: Muscle Origins and Insertions

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Muscular system- Upper Extremity muscle origins and insertions

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Anatomy Lower Body Muscle Origins and Insertions

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Shoulder & Scapula Muscle Origins & Insertions

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Anatomy and Physiology - muscles (action and origin/insertion)

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Origins, insertions, and actions of the muscles

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Muscles-Origin and Insertion Upper Body(pictures)

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T3 - Muscle Action, Origin, Insertion

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MCB 245 Anatomy & Physiology Lab Practical Muscle Origins, Insertions, Actions, & Innervations

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Upper Body muscle origins + insertions Anatomy Lab

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Pelvic and Thigh Muscle Origins and Insertions

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Muscles: Origins and Insertions - Part One

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Muscle Origins, Insertions, & Functions

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Muscle Origin, Insertion and Action

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