Muscles Moving Arm and Shoulder

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Simpler Version: Muscles Move Arms & Legs

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Muscles of back & shoulder that move arm

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Muscles (move arm)

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Anatomy: Muscles (Move arm 2)

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Muscles Move Arm

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Anatomy: Muscles (Move Arm 1)

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Appendicular Muscles-Move Arm

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Muscles of Anterior Trunk - Muscles Move Arm @ Shoulder Joint

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Muscles of Posterior Trunk - Muscles Move Arm @ Shoulder Joint

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ANP 130L Muscles Move Arm (Glenohumeral Joint)

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Muscles that move arm

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muscles in shoulder that move arm

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muscle that move arm/forearm

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Muscles Moving the Shoulder Joint and Arm


Nerves and Muscles that Move Arm

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Muscles moving the Shoulder Joint and Arm (O-rigin and I-nsertion)


Muscles of back & shoulder that move arm

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muscles moving the shoulder and arm

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Muscles moving the shoulder/arm

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Muscles that move arm, shoulder, and elbow

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Muscles Moving the Arm

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Muscles that move arms

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muscles that move arm/forearm

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Muscles Moving the Upper Arm

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muscles that move arm

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Muscles that move arm

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Muscles Moving the Upper Extremities

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Muscle that move arms

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Muscles moving upper arm

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Muscles to Memorize-Scapula Position, Rotator Cuff, Move Arm, Move Forearm

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trunk muscles moving the shoulder

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Muscles Moving the Lower Extremities

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Muscles Moving the Pectoral Girdle and Arm

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(3) muscles - glenohumeral joint (move arm)

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muscles moving the arm

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Muscles of back & shoulder that move arm

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Appendicular Muscles - Position Pectoral Girdle and Move Arm

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Muscles Moving the Arm Anatomy

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Muscles: Move the Upper Arm

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Muscles - Move the Arm

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muscles that move arm and wrist

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Muscles Moving the Arm

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Muscles that move arm & shoulder

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Muscle Actions (move arm @ shoulder joint)

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Muscles that move arm

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Muscles that move Arm

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Muscles that Move Arm

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Muscles moving shoulder joint (arm)

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