English & Japanese Aizuchi

151 terms By BrettMilliner Teacher

Days: English <> Japanese (romaji)

7 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

English-Japanese conversation(2)

57 terms By chiame7

高一 Ultimate Verbs English / Japanese

36 terms By MySensei Teacher

Clothing - English/Japanese - 5A

15 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

Working together - English/Japanese

21 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

Halloween (English/Japanese)

22 terms By Steve_Nelson Teacher

Things to do on holiday: English <> Japanese

25 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

English-Japanese Phrases

53 terms By chiame7

Cultural Intelligence 1-25 English Japanese

25 terms By ichifish Teacher

Cultural Intelligence 76-101 English-Japanese

26 terms By ichifish Teacher

Unit 3&4 Revision English Japanese

59 terms By Satomig Teacher

Cultural Intelligence 26-75 English-Japanese

25 terms By ichifish Teacher

Hobbies English - Japanese

14 terms By hayleysaltmarsh Teacher

English/Japanese-Hot spring

50 terms By YuriKurose

English-Japanese conversation(1)

28 terms By chiame7


50 terms By YukoSadahisa

Meet the relatives - English <> Japanese

19 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

3 sides: Chinese English Japanese

5 terms By weilyjen Teacher


50 terms By bocCircus


50 terms By Yuta0912


49 terms By ayutake


50 terms By Maaaaayuko26


42 terms By batmanarkam

English/Japanese/Disneyland tour

50 terms By manamana03

IB Japanese ab initio Vocabulary (English-Japanese)

1,497 terms By mrbateskcis Teacher


50 terms By MayumiInoue

English/Japanese-Fajiano OKAYAMA

50 terms By MayuKaihara


51 terms By maimeroo

L3 Verb STEP 1 English/ Japanese dictionary form

13 terms By ymonsen Teacher


50 terms By MomokaKondo


41 terms By Kinako-9981

English <->Japanese numbers (<999)

99 terms By matti_palin


50 terms By imacchi


51 terms By abirumikan

English/Japanese-Sagrada familia

50 terms By takahashiayumi

Cultural Intelligence 26-50 English Japanese

25 terms By ichifish Teacher


57 terms By pico01


5 terms By JuneD

TOEFL idiom (English-Japanese)

207 terms By erinne

English grammar terms (English>Japanese)

3 terms By pacenglishteacher Teacher

The Black Night: English > Japanese

16 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

Music English Terms

8 terms By elandow