4 - 8 Musical Instruments Donehue year 2014 - 15

37 terms By TroyDonehue

Musical Instruments and Sounds

3 terms By cicakchanson

music: instrument-3

16 terms By chinese-k3

Musical instrument

3 terms By pippitatdai

Music instruments

8 terms By ngamanyuen

GCSE Music Instruments - Timbre

32 terms By mariamasters Teacher

Music & Instruments

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Arabic Music instrument

9 terms By abeerdajani1 Teacher

Musical Instruments Level P

8 terms By mrstankersley Teacher

Musical Instruments

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Medieval Music Instruments

7 terms By knyinsoup

musical instruments

15 terms By cxcrgshw

music instrument

22 terms By HannaZ

Vocab FCE unit 3 (Music instruments sounds)

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Music (instruments)

21 terms By Jean_Sajeeve

Music Instruments

5 terms By sally_jim

Musical instruments

7 terms By quizlette39836

Music instruments

6 terms By euphaileen

Music Instrument identification (harder)

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Jazz musical instruments

5 terms By Xuan_Nguyen5

musical instruments

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musical instruments

25 terms By jomaman

Musical instruments

15 terms By christinedaae_lee

Musical Instruments

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18 terms By lissette_taipevargas

Musical Instruments

16 terms By Palmtreedude

Musical Instruments

12 terms By Natalja_Cigankova Teacher

(U.5) Sports, Games, and Musical Instruments

22 terms By marielineallen Teacher

Musical Instruments

98 terms By Miss_Schaefer Teacher

Musical Instruments

23 terms By JJablon


26 terms By girlonfire970

44: AQA GCSE German Leisure - Musical Instruments

10 terms By FrauKav

Musical Instruments/ Los instrumentos musicales

36 terms By linguanaute

Los Instrumentos Musicales / Musical Instruments

44 terms By Denaly77

Les instruments de musique (Musical Instruments)

48 terms By matdoran

Musical instruments (Disc Eng 2 - Unit 7)

9 terms By msbalboa


8 terms By olgapalomar

Italian musical instruments

28 terms By sueswigul

Music instruments

5 terms By leungmf

Music- instruments

20 terms By Ailis_Mulhall

Czech Classical Music Terms - Musical Instruments

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Musical Instruments - answer questions and match images

14 terms By TeachingFE Teacher

Musical Instruments

5 terms By Jason_Deering

Musical Instruments

7 terms By GMChambers Teacher

Music and Musical Instruments

83 terms By ahmsay10

Musical Instruments

20 terms By canadianshield

musical instruments

10 terms By ADA_Pulawska

Les instruments de musique (Musical Instruments)

9 terms By MmeTGV

Musical instruments

21 terms By alba_lorente


8 terms By VSCOAnimationAnglais Teacher