Nombres and adjectives

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Names, titles, adjectives & some occupations for people

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Lesson One: Nombres

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Polish 9 Common adjectives - a 27/04/16

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Los adjectivos y nombres (gramáticas)

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adjectifs - accord en genre et nombre

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nombres (nouns)

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Class 3 and Adjectives

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Names Nombre vocab.

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4A: Places Around Town

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Names & Nombres Vocab.

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Possessive adjectives in Spanish

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Vitamin G: Subject pronouns WSM Images

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Nombres Y Adjectivos

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Past Participles used as Adjectives

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Spanish I - PPI - Everything besides adjectives

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Unit 2 Vocabulary: About me and my family, adjectives

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Cognates and Parts of Speech

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Chapter 4: Names & Nombres Vocabulary List

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HS possessive adjectives - practice

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Chapter 4: Names and Nombres Vocab

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Position of Adjectives

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Arriba 6th edition Chapter 1 part 1 and part 2

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Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives

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Adjectives 2 (family and features)

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Vocab #53: Substantifs and Adjectives

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Spanish Comparisons and adjectives

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Femenine vs. Masculine adjectives

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Possessive adjectives

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adjectives eblock

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Hola A1 01.09 (e)

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Español 2: POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVE practice for quiz

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Parts of Speech (partes de la oración)

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Chapter 9 Verbs, Nouns, and Adjectives

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First Spanish Course - Grammar Rules

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Spanish Personal ID Adjectives

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Unit 5

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