adjectifs - accord en genre et nombre

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Nombres and Adjectives

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Advanced Spanish: Chapter 9: adjective vs. nombre sustantivo

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Les Adjectives L'accord en Nombre

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¿Cual es su nombre? - Unit 1 - Adjectives Indicating Nationaility

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spanish p.56 verbos and nombres, expressions of tener,demonstrative adjectives

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Les nombres ordinaux

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Nombres y adjetivos

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HPS 102 - C.9 - Vocabulario - Los Nombres y otras palabras

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Les adjectifs (genre et nombre)

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8. Le genre et le nombre

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Adjetivo+く+ても Nombre+でも

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23. Les adjectifs réguliers - Fr II (Copied from Fr I: U5L17-U5L20)

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En->Sp Words used to Describe People

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La Casa Reading Comprehension

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spanish words

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Jacobo timerman

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Contenido y función de las Palabras-Content and Function Words

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Adjetivos + Preposición

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