Beginning Norwegian-Norwegian to English

By KvossH
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Beginning Norwegian--English to Norwegian

By KvossH
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english and norwegian

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English to Norwegian

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By Zyera
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Norwegian - English vocabulary

By Morten_Fahlvik
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By ciftciarda
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Basic verbs English/Norwegian

By Lars_Drewsen
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Translate: English - Norwegian

By oeo
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Months - English - Norwegian

By SarloteK
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100 Norwegian & English

By jhaugers
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Tartan Vocab (English/Norwegian)

By beccajeanne14
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In the classroom - English - Norwegian

By Englishisfun
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English-Norwegian Christmas Words

By groterud_00
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Norwegian-English words

By Vebbis15
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Irregular verbs Norwegian-English

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English Part 1 (Norwegian)

By omorgan100
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Norwegian verbs/ English

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English - Norwegian cognates

By SRoostee
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English - Norwegian 44

By MarteHagebakken
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Glosary norwegian to English

By uggnigurl
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Literary terms, Norwegian and English

By CandyQueen
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Norwegian to English words

By Gustavo_Compean
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English and Norwegian verbs

By Fadumo-zahra
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English/Norwegian Words week 2

By salindapTEACHER
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Norwegian-English scandinavian translation

By helloaurevoir
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Numbers 0-10 - English - Norwegian

By SarloteK
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Sci-fi english-norwegian

By hermann_ekre
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Norwegian-English: UK Politics Vocabulary

By hazdav01
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Do or does: English-Norwegian

By leifsa
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Six Essential Sentences in English and Norwegian

By alex_marshall7
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100 most common verbs English-Norwegian (26-50)

By Maysto50TEACHER
25 terms by Maysto50TEACHER

100 most common verbs English-Norwegian (51-75)

By Maysto50TEACHER
25 terms by Maysto50TEACHER

100 most common verbs English-Norwegian (76-100)

By Maysto50TEACHER
24 terms by Maysto50TEACHER

100 most common verbs English - Norwegian. (1-25)

By Maysto50TEACHER
25 terms by Maysto50TEACHER

Dolch Word Primer English-Norwegian

By keelymullally
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What time is it? English-Norwegian

By leifsa
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Vocabulary week 35 2014 english-norwegian

By froya98
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Vocabulary week 34 2014 english-norwegian

By froya98
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Transition Words-English and Norwegian vg 2

By barzie1982
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Dolch List Pre-primer English-Norwegian

By keelymullally
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2284 GSL Words in English and Norwegian Part I

By alex_marshall7
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a few words on English and Norwegian

By Ka1308
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2284 GSL Words in English and Norwegian Part II

By alex_marshall7
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Strong verbs p. 238 English - Norwegian (step 1)

By Marcel_Berge
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