Greek nouns with confusing gender

13 terms By drewleman

French confused genders

22 terms By daylonsrinivasan

PUBH615 UNIDAD 1A Vocab with confusing gender

56 terms By charlotte_story1

Confusing Genders French

22 terms By susannagarside1

nouns confused

4 terms By nocebarby

CCD- Spanish Gender of Nouns (Masculine y Feminine)

50 terms By magdareid Teacher

CCD- Spanish Gender of Nouns (Masculine y Feminine)

50 terms By srta_stevens Teacher

2.2 - Noun Gender

17 terms By efsaunders Teacher

Spanish Gender Noun Ending

33 terms By svondette Teacher

100 top German nouns - gender

100 terms By simex006 Teacher

Noun gender - advanced

42 terms By yeagert Teacher

Confusing Noun Genders

132 terms By silvi4

Gender of 150 German Nouns- Review

150 terms By HerrSpencer

Género de sustantivos - Gender of nouns

50 terms By gbranson Teacher

Noun gender

24 terms By yeagert Teacher

A1 ESWWSE, Lesson2i, Gender of Nouns

9 terms By book2010 Teacher

Gender of nouns 2

15 terms By jcatanzaro Teacher


18 terms By MadameLePaul Teacher

Gender Nouns

20 terms By YCF2014 Teacher

Deutsch Aktuell 1 Ch 1-2 Nouns (gender)

39 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher

Vocab - Gender of Nouns and Adjs.

81 terms By Ponocrates Teacher

Spanish Classroom Nouns

33 terms By lhansen23 Teacher

Chapter 7 Noun Genders

38 terms By frauiep Teacher

2.1 - Noun Gender

17 terms By efsaunders Teacher

OLD 2011 Rundblick 1 - genders

113 terms By RachelHibberd Teacher

Latin VI Noun Declensions & Gender

37 terms By Daniel_Kaiserski Teacher

French Gender (la/le)

376 terms By lfletcher1952 Teacher

Nouns in Spanish: gender and number

38 terms By senorabaldwin Teacher

French Nouns (masculine/feminine)

158 terms By learnthosewords

Capítulo 1 (Grammar) Gender of Nouns

75 terms By murphy188 Teacher

Gender of Nouns

21 terms By kcassady Teacher

Gender of Nouns

52 terms By jennygilmore2 Teacher

3rd Declension Nouns Gender

22 terms By bdobrozsi Teacher

VCE Grammar S Chapter 1.2. Nouns - Genders

21 terms By amandamccleery Teacher

Para Empezar #3 ( Gender of Nouns )

42 terms By mrsheller5

Gender of Nouns

33 terms By madamereynolds Teacher

Unit 6 Section B genders for nouns Level 1

30 terms By fraueverson Teacher

French gender noun endings

95 terms By josh_wyatt

French noun gender endings

66 terms By ninthpossibility Teacher