100 top German nouns - gender

100 terms By simex006 Teacher

Prego Ch 1 Nomi: genere (Nouns: gender) tell the gender of each noun p24-25

16 terms By alaspada Teacher

Chapter 7 Noun Genders

38 terms By frauiep Teacher

2.2 - Noun Gender

17 terms By efsaunders

Deutsch Aktuell 1 Ch 1-2 Nouns (gender)

39 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher

3rd Declension Nouns Gender

22 terms By bdobrozsi Teacher

VCE Grammar S Chapter 1.2. Nouns - Genders

21 terms By amandamccleery Teacher

Chapters 1-7: Nouns: Gender and Declension

40 terms By nkruff Teacher

2) chapitre 2 - noun gender, clues by ending of word

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AP Spanish-Noun Gender

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25 Top German nouns - genders

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Spanish Noun Gender

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25 top German nouns + gender

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Noun Genders

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25 top German nouns - genders

25 terms By simex006 Teacher

Nouns & Gender

15 terms By mmaravi Teacher

Nouns & Gender

13 terms By mmaravi Teacher

Noun Gender

17 terms By TQWS

latin test 1-noun genders

51 terms By s_alani


42 terms By hannah_eli

Noun Gender

6 terms By bcahoon

German noun genders

58 terms By cste2268

German Duolingo Noun Genders 1

40 terms By Jordan_Burnett2

Tabula Octava Level 2 - Noun Genders, Principal Parts, Parts of Speech, Objects of Prepositions

43 terms By MrCaponePCS

French Noun/Gender/Verbs

108 terms By vaydra

Dos Mundos 7e: Paso A Gramática - Noun Genders

5 terms By Frances8 Teacher

German Noun Gender Rules

50 terms By stuff123

Chapter VI 3rd Declension Noun Genders

9 terms By MagistraVastardis Teacher

Spanish Noun Gender Exceptions

64 terms By alasdairmarchant

French noun gender endings

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noun genders

31 terms By Bella-Caro

Nouns & Gender

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Nouns & Gender

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AP - Francais - Noun Genders

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Nouns (gender)

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Nouns gender

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All Nouns - Gender& Definition

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Noun Gender

78 terms By elkcackle

Noun Gender

6 terms By bcahoon

Chapitre 8 noun genders

35 terms By LMSWorldLanguage

french noun genders

39 terms By e_fisher

Noun gender

81 terms By srtacharles

French KS3 General rules for noun genders

79 terms By LozBridge Teacher

Third Declension Noun Genders

42 terms By AbdullahMirza

noun gender tricks

41 terms By Derek_Stone

Spanish Noun Gender

5 terms By Dick_Nawson

French Nouns Gender 1

50 terms By teddymook

Spanish Noun Genders

62 terms By obdpd21

Ms noun gender rules

40 terms By Senlin_M

special cases with noun gender

54 terms By maddywyner