100 top German nouns - gender

100 terms By simex006 Teacher

Prego Ch 1 Nomi: genere (Nouns: gender) tell the gender of each noun p24-25

16 terms By alaspada Teacher

Chapter 7 Noun Genders

38 terms By frauiep Teacher

Deutsch Aktuell 1 Ch 1-2 Nouns (gender)

39 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher

2.2 - Noun Gender

17 terms By efsaunders

3rd Declension Nouns Gender

22 terms By bdobrozsi Teacher

VCE Grammar S Chapter 1.2. Nouns - Genders

21 terms By amandamccleery Teacher

Chapters 1-7: Nouns: Gender and Declension

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French noun gender endings

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AP Spanish-Noun Gender

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25 Top German nouns - genders

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Spanish Noun Gender

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25 top German nouns + gender

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25 top German nouns - genders

25 terms By simex006 Teacher

German noun genders

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Noun Gender (5.2) Gesund essen

14 terms By fraurothenberger Teacher

Nouns & Gender

15 terms By ManuelClayton Teacher

Noun gender game

25 terms By spanish_costello Teacher

Nouns & Gender

13 terms By ManuelClayton Teacher

latin test 1-noun genders

51 terms By s_alani

German Noun Gender Rules

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Noun Gender

17 terms By TQWS

German Duolingo Noun Genders 1

40 terms By Jordan_Burnett2

Spanish Noun Gender Exceptions

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42 terms By hannah_eli

Noun Gender

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Tabula Octava Level 2 - Noun Genders, Principal Parts, Parts of Speech, Objects of Prepositions

43 terms By MrCaponePCS

French Noun/Gender/Verbs

108 terms By vaydra

Chapter VI 3rd Declension Noun Genders

9 terms By MagistraVastardis Teacher

Dos Mundos 7e: Paso A Gramática - Noun Genders

5 terms By Frances8 Teacher

Nouns & Gender

2 terms By germanspeaker

Noun Gender (living things)

10 terms By Prof_Kohler Teacher

Nouns & Gender

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AP - Francais - Noun Genders

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Nouns (gender)

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Nouns gender

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noun genders

31 terms By Bella-Caro

Noun Gender

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french noun genders

39 terms By e_fisher

Chapitre 8 noun genders

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Noun Gender Plural (living things)

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French KS3 General rules for noun genders

79 terms By LozBridge Teacher

Noun gender

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All Nouns - Gender& Definition

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Noun Gender

78 terms By elkcackle

Spanish Noun Gender

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Third Declension Noun Genders

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noun gender tricks

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French Nouns Gender 1

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Ms noun gender rules

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