Basic Japanese Verbs (with romaji)

32 terms By RaynaPrycePGHS Teacher

Colours / Colors - Japanese Vocabulary [ROM]

18 terms By MarkJHigham

PhraseMaze Japanese Basic Expressions

49 terms By Oliver14 Teacher

Basic Japanese Verbs

22 terms By Alex_m11

Japanese Basics

67 terms By Camui_1995

DuoLingo Japanese Basics Lessons 1-3

18 terms By LimeGreenTeknii

Japanese Basic Grammar Sentences

250 terms By Oliver14 Teacher

Japanese Basic Kanji

36 terms By dado21780

Basic Japanese vocabulary (romanji)

111 terms By brion_beaufort

Japanese basic greeting-9/22

15 terms By Takako_Wolf

Japanese Basic Classroom Commands and Phrases

13 terms By Yumi_Franklin Teacher

Japanese Basic Vocabulary (Romaji)

111 terms By heidiharless

Adjectivial Nouns (Japanese 2)

18 terms By Pixie

Japanese basic words: Abstract nouns

18 terms By Tadanki_Sasidhar

Japanese basic expressions

37 terms By 09167

Japanese basic TE forms

29 terms By Huntz256

Japanese - Basic Position Words

9 terms By hooujif

japanese basic animals

5 terms By Kellym4


16 terms By kwokwingsit Teacher

Japanese basic 3000

2 terms By angelocappetta Teacher

Japanese Basic Verbs

14 terms By keikoi

Basic Japanese Words

42 terms By Meg_the_Whovian

Japanese Basics

91 terms By deathdanosaur

Japanese Basics I (non-kanji)

21 terms By Travis54546979

Japanese basic 1 (Romaji)

38 terms By reveohw

Japanese basic expressions

36 terms By logan1295

japanese nouns (japanese to english)

241 terms By figgs22

Japanese Basic

20 terms By SimmonJa

Japanese Basic Phrases

30 terms By cassidy_mayeda


15 terms By kwokwingsit Teacher

P. 130 Nouns Japanese

55 terms By al_sharrow

Japanese Basic 100

50 terms By showoffking666

Japanese basic words

36 terms By saschatt

Japanese basic

23 terms By konstantin_chireev

Japanese Basic Vocab

87 terms By Bryce_Nichol

Japanese - Basic Phrases/Words

37 terms By MottledSculpin

Japanese basic 6 (Romaji)

30 terms By reveohw


13 terms By kwokwingsit Teacher

Japanese basic words

7 terms By fukuyamm1

Japanese basic 10

30 terms By reveohw

Japanese basic 7 (Romaji)

30 terms By reveohw

Japanese basic 4 (Romaji)

30 terms By reveohw

Japanese basic 2 (Romaji)

30 terms By reveohw

Japanese basic 9

30 terms By reveohw

Japanese basic 8 (Romaji)

30 terms By reveohw

Nouns (Japanese)

35 terms By rehfisch

Japanese - Basics I

48 terms By CoherentBass

Japanese - Basic KATAKANA

48 terms By alexidra

Japanese basics

13 terms By Aninochi

Japanese basic vocab

36 terms By Kelatoz