Japanese L11 Nouns

By Anibell
27 terms by Anibell

Japanese L. 12 Nouns

By Anibell
26 terms by Anibell

L10 Japanese nouns

By ThatManVedan
30 terms by ThatManVedan

Japanese L21 Nouns

By kdotpassini
21 terms by kdotpassini

L12 Japanese nouns

By ThatManVedan
26 terms by ThatManVedan

L4 Japanese Nouns

By SykoTaxman
26 terms by SykoTaxman

Japanese L12 Nouns

By kelhajoui
20 terms by kelhajoui

Japanese L10 Nouns

By khaleelah_elhajoui
15 terms by khaleelah_elhajoui

Japanese L11 Nouns

By kelhajoui
13 terms by kelhajoui

Japanese L7 nouns

By ThatManVedan
27 terms by ThatManVedan

'L' TOEFL Nouns (English to Japanese)

By praineTEACHER
48 terms by praineTEACHER

Japanese 101 L4 Nouns

36 terms by STRANOVM

Japanese 101 L4 vocab nouns

By kristie_808
15 terms by kristie_808

Japanese 101 L6 Vocab nouns

By kristie_808
18 terms by kristie_808

Japanese 101 L5 vocab nouns

By kristie_808
16 terms by kristie_808

Japanese Nouns Genki 1 L9

By kittcozmi
17 terms by kittcozmi

Japanese Vocab L5-1 Nouns & adverbs

By nickcioffi1
25 terms by nickcioffi1

Japanese Genki 1 L7 Nouns

By alpaladin
27 terms by alpaladin

Japanese Genki 1 L8 Nouns

By alpaladin
23 terms by alpaladin

Japanese 1 Final (L.3 nouns)

By jasminemacintosh
34 terms by jasminemacintosh

Japanese 1 Final (L.4 nouns)

By jasminemacintosh
42 terms by jasminemacintosh

Japanese nouns

By killerwale44
138 terms by killerwale44

Japanese - Genki L18 Noun & others

By naomianno
26 terms by naomianno

Elem. Japanese I (nouns L3 and L4)

By gws26583
63 terms by gws26583

Japanese - Genki L16 Noun & others

By naomianno
21 terms by naomianno

Japanese - Genki L16 Noun+ others

By naomianno
22 terms by naomianno

Japanese nouns

By jackson_terrance1
138 terms by jackson_terrance1

Japanese Nouns

By Walteraj
116 terms by Walteraj

Japanese Nouns

By Frostey21
87 terms by Frostey21

Japanese nouns

By jessicaisthebest
33 terms by jessicaisthebest

Japanese Nouns

By Russ_Fort
30 terms by Russ_Fort

Japanese Nouns

By keitase
156 terms by keitase

Japanese Nouns

By skating202
103 terms by skating202

Japanese Ba - L3 Nouns, VQ 6 [Hiragana/Katakana]

By beccalh
30 terms by beccalh

Japanese nouns

By coolcat3145
10 terms by coolcat3145

Japanese Nouns

By nalu4life19
383 terms by nalu4life19

Japanese Nouns

By alexwaxman
15 terms by alexwaxman

Japanese Nouns

By Ericson_Lago
53 terms by Ericson_Lago

Japanese Nouns

By Jko2012
27 terms by Jko2012

Nouns - Japanese

By IzzyFizzy101
20 terms by IzzyFizzy101

Japanese - nouns

By savery_26
65 terms by savery_26

Japanese Nouns

By Xiiomi
61 terms by Xiiomi

Japanese nouns

By Kobe_Lam
29 terms by Kobe_Lam

Japanese Nouns

By VincentUy
30 terms by VincentUy

Japanese Nouns

By MeiMei128
57 terms by MeiMei128

Japanese Nouns

By shelby14m
22 terms by shelby14m

Japanese nouns

23 terms by LucyGXXX

Nouns (Japanese)

By rehfisch
35 terms by rehfisch


By mabqajaq
18 terms by mabqajaq

Japanese Nouns

10 terms by ABiTOFB0SS13