Literary Devices For Short Stories and Novels

31 terms By MsGrimesey Teacher

Elements of the Short Story

15 terms By Evansmee Teacher

Story Elements

16 terms By rxp214 Teacher

Short story/novel analysis

15 terms By marie_nielsen Teacher

Eng 11 Literary Terms - Novel Study

37 terms By MissAmyFord Teacher

Epiphany Elements of a Short Story or Novel

20 terms By martha_beltran7

Short Story Unit Vocabulary

20 terms By BCS8 Teacher

Elements of a Short Story- MASTERY

26 terms By saluster Teacher

Story Elements

12 terms By tpboyd Teacher

Short Story Literary Elements & Techniques Vocabulary

30 terms By chilldragons1 Teacher

Short Story Elements

30 terms By Beverly_hughes Teacher

Elements of a Short Story

5 terms By ldswann Teacher

How to read a novel and a short story

16 terms By jakupmichaelsen Teacher

Story Elements

11 terms By Mrs_Holderied

Short story/Novel Terms

57 terms By MrsDAdams Teacher

Short story literary elements

20 terms By Juliemarieday

Short Stories: Setting, Point of View, & Theme: Setting Elements &Story Titles

31 terms By EnglishStone Teacher

Short Story Elements

38 terms By MrsManginoHKMS

Elements of the short story/novel

25 terms By Anna_Lefante

Elements of a Short Story

25 terms By ebondaruk Teacher

Short Story Vocabulary Final Test

50 terms By mrsjblakeney Teacher

Short Story Elements

33 terms By VanessaLWaters

Short Story Elements

6 terms By English_girl

Story Elements

19 terms By Stacey_Colbert

Story Elements

16 terms By Audrey_Keys Teacher

Short Story elements

39 terms By nails907

Eng 11 Literary Terms - Novel Study

37 terms By cyamaoka

Literary Elements/Devices (Short Story Unit)

28 terms By MrsHardin78 Teacher

Short Story/Novel plot elements

23 terms By grp16

Literary Devices and Short Story Terms- LA 7

13 terms By RunsWithASharpie Teacher

Novel And Short Story Elements

16 terms By ees16

Literary Terms for the Short Story and Novel

31 terms By McCormick_Colleen Teacher

english: literary elements (short story & novel)

41 terms By elizconner

English 12 - New Short Story & Novel Terms

14 terms By mssy

Elements of Short Stories

20 terms By tmack

Short story/novel elements

25 terms By Kaitlin_Rox_7D

Short Story and Novel Elements

32 terms By allyschleicher12

ELA exam prep - Short Story/Novel Elements

30 terms By Sarah_7Best

The Elements of the Short Story

15 terms By angelapiper Teacher

Literary Devices: Literature (Short Stories/Novels)

66 terms By Matthew_Kim61

Short Stories (Elements)

7 terms By Derward Teacher

Short Stories and Novels for English Final

24 terms By sjek Teacher

English Study Cards Story Elements

18 terms By ChiLLyCheeZe

Elements of novel/short story

25 terms By tonnelso

Elements of a Short Story/Novel

24 terms By cstav32

Elements of a short story vocab

7 terms By dat3 Teacher

Short Story Elements

6 terms By libbygainey Teacher

5 Short Story Elements

5 terms By room99 Teacher

Elements of Short Story/ Novel/Drama

40 terms By sabbazia

Short Story/Novel Element

17 terms By santarocks