Literary Devices For Short Stories and Novels

31 terms By MsGrimesey Teacher

Elements of the Short Story

15 terms By Evansmee Teacher

Short Story and Novel Studies

16 terms By lisianthus

How to read a novel and a short story

16 terms By jakupmichaelsen Teacher

Short story/Novel Terms

57 terms By MrsDAdams Teacher

Eng 11 Literary Terms - Novel Study

37 terms By MissAmyFord Teacher

Short Story Vocabulary Final Test

50 terms By mrsjblakeney Teacher

Short Story Unit Vocabulary

20 terms By BCS8 Teacher

English - Elements of the Novel and Short Story

41 terms By DNGC

Literary Terms for the Short Story and Novel

31 terms By McCormick_Colleen Teacher

English 12 - New Short Story & Novel Terms

14 terms By mssy

Vocabulary Study - Short Stories

16 terms By isaiah_abreubrito

Word Study: Short Stories

10 terms By jcaliman

Short Stories and Novels for English Final

24 terms By sjek Teacher

Short story/novel analysis

15 terms By marie_nielsen

Short Story & Novel Literary Terms

35 terms By sneofotist

Short Story Unit Characters

21 terms By mmcfarland222 Teacher

Short Story/Novel Terms

47 terms By Kitkat11321

Elements of a Short Story- MASTERY

26 terms By saluster Teacher

9th Final Exam Literary Terms - Nonfiction, Short Story, Novel, Drama, Poetry

48 terms By julianawright

Word Study 11-15 and Short Story Vocab. for Mid-Term

30 terms By sharon_dishner

English Final: Short Stories/Novel

76 terms By ericcool

English1 Semester Exam: Mass Media, Poetry, Short Stories, The Odyssey, Romeo & Juliet, Studies…

59 terms By Makayla_Proctor

Short Story/Novel Terms

35 terms By Brielle-Levy

English Short-Story Test Study Guide

32 terms By Samuel_Szuchan

Short story and Novel Review

32 terms By Allyhemsing

Short Story Vocabulary (80)

80 terms By Boydsclass2

Short Story Study Guide

75 terms By Col2543

How To Read A Novel And A Short Story

47 terms By goodnight7

Short Story True/False

14 terms By mmcfarland222 Teacher

Literary Terms/Poetry/Figurative Languge/Short Stories/Poems/Novels

42 terms By thomaslel

English novel and short story

24 terms By alex_42

Belen 7th grade - Short Story Study Guide

34 terms By Jalperez20 Teacher

Short story/novel terms

31 terms By ruthy151

Eng 11 Literary Terms - Novel Study

37 terms By cyamaoka

LA Final Exam Study Guide Part 1 (Short Stories)(Novels)

15 terms By OrdinaryAsianBoy

How to read a novel and a short story

16 terms By jakupmichaelsen Teacher

How to read a novel and a short story

16 terms By jakupmichaelsen Teacher

Short Story and Lit Terms Test

31 terms By Lake_2017

Short story and novel literary terms

26 terms By Stcyr_C7

Elements of the short story/novel

25 terms By Anna_Lefante

Short Story Terms

14 terms By jlkamide Teacher

Short Story/Novel Lit Terms

40 terms By eliza_fader

Short Story Terms

27 terms By SabrinaFussenegger

Short Story, Plays, and Novels plot clues

134 terms By Bradley_McLain

English 9 & 10: Short Story and Novel Terms and Devices

34 terms By emathias2000

Social Studies -Short Stories

14 terms By Ruohan_Li5

Short Story Elements

38 terms By MrsManginoHKMS

short story/novel lit terms

40 terms By kaylie_holmberg

Super Study Short Story Scary Packet

212 terms By lsorscher