36 terms By ja925

NPTE Muscle Actions

43 terms By KaylaRi

NPTE - Neurological dysfunctions

142 terms By Marmite22

NPTE Other Systems

46 terms By joneichner

NPTE - Gait (from IER and Scorebuilders)

65 terms By Marmite22


340 terms By austindudas

NPTE MSK Section

52 terms By lukerd623

NPTE - Pediatrics (from IER)

93 terms By Marmite22

NPTE: Modalities

74 terms By mnewrones

NPTE Muscles

69 terms By kamille125

NPTE - Cardiovascular rehabilitation (from IER)

98 terms By Marmite22

Pulmonary NPTE

95 terms By caitec

NPTE Blood Supply to the Brain and Impairments

49 terms By Royalstrack

NPTE - Pumonary dysfunction (from IER)

48 terms By Marmite22

Pharm- NPTE

13 terms By bLpitti

NPTE random

24 terms By hsalzer

NPTE Musculoskeletal chapter from IER

338 terms By Marmite22

NPTE Cardio-pulm flashcards

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Pharm - NPTE

26 terms By abuck30


86 terms By ethom123


35 terms By karleen89

NPTE - Pulmonary chapter (from IER and Scorebuilders)

100 terms By Marmite22

NPTE Research and EBP

59 terms By ecschultze

NPTE Cardiopulmonary

86 terms By PippaODU

NPTE - Interventions for Neuro disorders

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ROM - NPTE Review

35 terms By kimi_shankreed


128 terms By tycov2014

NPTE - Musculoskeletal conditions and orthopedic surgical repairs(from IER)

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NPTE: Pediatric Development

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NPTE Spinal Cord

22 terms By ecschultze


31 terms By jennparker88

NPTE - Musculoskeletal conditions and orthopedic surgical repairs(from IER)

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Dressings- NPTE

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NPTE Random Stuff

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NPTE - Cardiovascular chapter (from IER)

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NPTE - Cardiopulmonary

98 terms By Campiana

NPTE (BOARDS): Neuromuscular

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NPTE - Other Systems

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NPTE Therapeutic Modalities

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random NPTE neuro concepts

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Condensed NPTE

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NPTE Neuro Vocab

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Cardiovascular NPTE

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NPTE- Lab Values

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MSK disorders and PT treatments -NPTE

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NPTE: Lab Values

53 terms By annapatterson

NPTE - Neuromuscular chapter from IER

199 terms By Marmite22