NSG 131 Unit 2

By sbmountcastle
125 terms by sbmountcastle

Oxygenation Quiz NSG 131

By tarra_k_young
57 terms by tarra_k_young

EXAM 2 NSG 131

By megan_reef
12 terms by megan_reef

NSG 131 Perioperative Nursing

By AertonHughes
59 terms by AertonHughes

NSG 131 Module 1

By heather_m_mcdowell
46 terms by heather_m_mcdowell

Test 4-NSG 131

By karenza_mack
39 terms by karenza_mack

NSG 131 Yavapai

By Sarah_Gonzalez79
9 terms by Sarah_Gonzalez79

Test #3-NSG 131

By karenza_mack
33 terms by karenza_mack

Module 1 NSG131

By brookeskipper
37 terms by brookeskipper

NSG 131 Module 2 Key Terms

By heather_m_mcdowell
86 terms by heather_m_mcdowell

Drug Cards Yavapai NSG 131

By wendeebird
17 terms by wendeebird

NSG131 Module 1 key terms

By kelinaz
91 terms by kelinaz

nsg 131 module 5 study set

By fernanda_moura
254 terms by fernanda_moura

NSG131 - Assessment Respiratory (Lewis 26, incomplete)

By ayogafriend
10 terms by ayogafriend

NUR131: Elimination

By Kathy_Mulcahy
27 terms by Kathy_Mulcahy

NUR 131 Physiologic Needs: Nutrition

By Kathy_Mulcahy
30 terms by Kathy_Mulcahy

NUR 131: Basic Human Needs - Mobility

By Kathy_Mulcahy
30 terms by Kathy_Mulcahy

131--unit 2

By Lauren_Reedy
171 terms by Lauren_Reedy

Nursing 131 Unit 1 - Class 1

By maren_lewallen
22 terms by maren_lewallen

Nursing Math Equivalencies

By kelsey_norbury
38 terms by kelsey_norbury

Chapter 16 key terms

By Grace_Adler
15 terms by Grace_Adler

Gordon's Functional Health Patterns

By jtariman
11 terms by jtariman

Basic Human Needs: Pain, Rest, and Sleep

By Kathy_Mulcahy
27 terms by Kathy_Mulcahy

Physiologic Needs: Oxygenation

By Kathy_Mulcahy
24 terms by Kathy_Mulcahy

Defense Mechanisms Final

46 terms by SraGossTEACHER

Nasogastric Intubation

By David_Kabina
80 terms by David_Kabina

Chapter 15 key terms

By Grace_Adler
11 terms by Grace_Adler

Acid, Base, Fluid and Electrolytes

By AbbyHarningTEACHER
44 terms by AbbyHarningTEACHER

CP 44, Sensory, Perception and Cognition

By Clittzen
55 terms by Clittzen

Fluids and Electrolyte Imbalances

By Grayson_NursingTEACHER
49 terms by Grayson_NursingTEACHER

CP 1, Introduction to Nursing

By Clittzen
45 terms by Clittzen

CP 38, Bowel Elimination

By Clittzen
73 terms by Clittzen

Module 2

By kelinaz
122 terms by kelinaz

Nursing Lab Values

By student290
49 terms by student290

Personality Disorders

By KBiggersSN
35 terms by KBiggersSN

Psych Ch. 24 Schizophrenia Positive and Negative Symptoms

By tam9301016
41 terms by tam9301016


By rjsimpson67
93 terms by rjsimpson67


By KBiggersSN
77 terms by KBiggersSN

CP 37, Urinary Elimination

By Clittzen
87 terms by Clittzen

CP 20, The Aging Adult

By Clittzen
42 terms by Clittzen

CP 13, Nursing Diagnosis

By Clittzen
14 terms by Clittzen


By bbendoff
23 terms by bbendoff

Metric System Conversions

By Clittzen
36 terms by Clittzen


By gracezamorano
15 terms by gracezamorano

Chapter 44: Pain Management

By sydney_freedlund
29 terms by sydney_freedlund

Aseptic technique

By Nurse_Nena
11 terms by Nurse_Nena

CP 41, Self Concept

By Clittzen
33 terms by Clittzen

Medical Asepsis

By J_Nichols
63 terms by J_Nichols