Short /o/ and Short /u/

By hgarza2799TEACHER
15 terms by hgarza2799TEACHER

Short o and Short U

By hgarza2799TEACHER
15 terms by hgarza2799TEACHER

Short o vs. u

By Darcy_Coonan
10 terms by Darcy_Coonan

Short "O" and Short "U" Words

By williams82TEACHER
10 terms by williams82TEACHER

Short "o" and "u" words

By williams82TEACHER
8 terms by williams82TEACHER

long o and short u

By selwachangTEACHER
11 terms by selwachangTEACHER

short and long o and u

By slduff84
11 terms by slduff84

Short i short o short u

By Candice_Burleson7
26 terms by Candice_Burleson7

Short o/u

By Olivia_Mendez
15 terms by Olivia_Mendez

Short e, o, u

By Nancy_FrancqueTEACHER
20 terms by Nancy_FrancqueTEACHER

Short vowel u,o

By jonesj5
10 terms by jonesj5

short i, o and u

By audpape
15 terms by audpape

Short e, i, o, and u

By jmaitkenTEACHER
20 terms by jmaitkenTEACHER

Short i, o, u

By Rolanda_Brinson
15 terms by Rolanda_Brinson

Short e, i, o, and u

By smalghuduni1s
20 terms by smalghuduni1s

Short vowels O, U, & I

By donjanel
14 terms by donjanel

short e, i, o and u

By BellamyESOL
20 terms by BellamyESOL

short o, short u, Oce, Uce, Ace

By sldurham
22 terms by sldurham

short o short u long u long o

By Mario729
20 terms by Mario729

Short vowels e,o,u

By felipe2026
9 terms by felipe2026

Short "a, i, o, u"

By ClarkeGabrielle
36 terms by ClarkeGabrielle

Spelling list (short i, o, u & vocabulary)

By mfchaney
16 terms by mfchaney

(2) Short e, o, u

By MsParrish
20 terms by MsParrish

31: Short Vowels e, i, o, u

By Elizabeth_Mangan7
20 terms by Elizabeth_Mangan7

Short o, i and u- List 1

By lindsaymdonlon
12 terms by lindsaymdonlon

Long and short (a, i, o, u)

By brantaa
30 terms by brantaa

Short a,e,i,o,u

By Monica_Ling
19 terms by Monica_Ling

e,i,o,u short sounds

By hockingk
15 terms by hockingk

Short o, i, and u- List 2

By leahfhays
12 terms by leahfhays

Short o, i and u- List 1

By leahfhays
12 terms by leahfhays

Smart Phonics2 U6 Short o

By Niki_KellensTEACHER
8 terms by Niki_KellensTEACHER

7. Short Vowel A/I/O/U

By lisapostemaTEACHER
120 terms by lisapostemaTEACHER

Lesson 2: Short e, o, u

By Brooke_Duchette
12 terms by Brooke_Duchette

A31 Short I, E, O,U

11 terms by MissPlutaTEACHER

Group A - #2 - Short vowels o, and u

15 terms by MsSmallRm20TEACHER

October 5-8: long and short o and u

By mgarcia188
20 terms by mgarcia188

English consonants minimal pairs - Pot/Put, short 'o' and short 'u'

By wolffordTEACHER
15 terms by wolffordTEACHER

Initial Vowel: Short A, E, I, O, and U

By jmaitkenTEACHER
19 terms by jmaitkenTEACHER

Short e, o, u - Week 2

By tutifruti1
15 terms by tutifruti1

List 2: short vowel i, o, u

15 terms by PAGIARDINA

Short O

By gali_levari
15 terms by gali_levari

Week 2 Short O, U, and E

By nmackow
14 terms by nmackow

Short vowels ( I,o,e,u)

By kohei2026
11 terms by kohei2026

Short vowel e, i, o, u

By felipe2026
12 terms by felipe2026

Short Vowels (E, O, U) with Blends

By msabercrombie
10 terms by msabercrombie

35: Short Vowels a, e, i, o, u

By Elizabeth_Mangan7
24 terms by Elizabeth_Mangan7

Short o

By ejbrooks13
10 terms by ejbrooks13

LNA Sort 40 short e, i, o, and u

By dtompson
23 terms by dtompson

Short o

By PRule
17 terms by PRule