O to UE Verbs (Spanish)

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4.2 Shoe Verb-Poder ("o" to "ue")

18 terms By Srta_Munoz7 Teacher

E to IE, O to UE, E to I

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3.3B Vowel Change: O to ue, Infintive Constructions

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shoe verbs o to ue

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Multiplayer verbs o to ue

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O to UE

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o to ue stem changing verbs and one normal verb

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O to UE

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O-> to UE

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Stem-changing verbs o to ue

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Stem changing verbs - "o to ue

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O to ue

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SP 2 - O to UE stem-changing verbs

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O to UE verbs

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O to UE

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Irregular Verbs---o to ue present

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irregular o to ue

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O to ue and E to I

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O to the UE

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Stem Change O to Ue

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o to ue

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4.2 O to UE Verbs

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Spanish O to UE verbs

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Spanish O to ue and E to i Verbs

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Stem Changing verbs o to ue

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O to UE

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Poder to be able, can (o to ue (Stem changing))

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Verbs that change to /u/ in the Präteritum

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O to the UE

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Stem Changing O to Ue

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O to UE verbs

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O to ie

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o to boot verbs

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Stem Changing Verbs o to ue

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o to ue

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o to ue

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