Preterite U-stem and I-stem Verbs

72 terms By sahoffmann Teacher

Spanish 2 Grammar: i-stem Verbs

36 terms By Allison_Weber15 Teacher

Spanish 2 Grammar: u-stem verbs

45 terms By Allison_Weber15 Teacher

Infinitive Verbs-Spanish

32 terms By bam14 Teacher

ER & IR Verbs - Spanish 1

21 terms By SenorMontalvo Teacher

AR Verbs-spanish

20 terms By atxstudy

Stem-Changing Verbs Spanish 1

41 terms By MissSpanish Teacher

Spanish G- Stem Verbs

76 terms By savanna454

Stem Changing Verbs - Spanish

24 terms By emilydean99

Stem Verbs Spanish 2

48 terms By quizlette257963

AR Verbs-spanish

20 terms By lynda62 Teacher

Combo with Stem-Changing Verbs (Spanish Two Years) and 2 others

50 terms By wilson1022 Teacher

30 AR Verbs - spanish infinitives

19 terms By sraholland Teacher

30 AR Verbs - spanish infinitives

19 terms By jdilone13 Teacher

e-ie Stem-changing Verbs Spanish 1

13 terms By Hagemeier

Congugations of Y and J Stem Verbs

78 terms By Bigvic

Stem-Changing Verbs (Spanish 2)

13 terms By John3J16

AR Verbs-spanish

32 terms By cwalsh1289

Irregular and Stem-Changing Verbs - Spanish Preterite

20 terms By pjbfny

Spanish III Irregular Preterite U-Stem Verbs by Mrs. Evans

36 terms By seevans

o-ue stem-changing verbs Spanish 1

12 terms By Hagemeier

o:ue stem verbs- spanish

8 terms By asecreas

Irregular Verbs-Spanish 1

49 terms By jennifer_wortzel

Spanish Conditional Tense Stem Verbs

25 terms By marquezviada Teacher

Irregular and Stem Changing Verbs Spanish 1

50 terms By Michelle_Booth

Funky irregular stem verbs - spanish

16 terms By sofi232

stem changing verbs spanish II

46 terms By sakemph

Stem Verbs Spanish

12 terms By T_Chen27

Stem verbs Spanish

3 terms By sophiejaneeeeee

Stem Changing Verbs - Spanish

23 terms By Lecia_McDermott

Irregular preterit verbs spanish

88 terms By J-C-C

i-stem and u-stem verbs in preterite tense

20 terms By lbfrost

Stem changing verbs Spanish 2 Nolin

45 terms By jojoa1997


46 terms By taj_melancon

spanish stem changing verbs: spanish one

68 terms By laurenhensley

Stem Verbs Spanish

7 terms By welchkr

Stem Verbs

46 terms By mpwhite94

Stem Changing Verbs- Spanish I

36 terms By bvitek

stem-changing verbs Spanish

20 terms By napa244

Stem-Change Verbs (Spanish)

80 terms By Selzera

e:ie stem verbs- spanish

8 terms By asecreas

Stem changing verbs-Spanish

36 terms By juliannehutchison

#5 Conjugating Irregular Verbs spanish 2

55 terms By mmwight

Stem Changing Verbs Spanish III

50 terms By avecl1201

Stem changing verbs spanish 1

51 terms By AdaoraN

Stem-Changing Verbs (Spanish II)

60 terms By QuizletAdmin1

Regular, irregular and stem changing verbs(Spanish)

65 terms By dshap21

irregular preterite stem verbs

45 terms By sabrinaj

30 AR Verbs - Spanish infinitives

50 terms By spanishingrosvenor

stem changing verbs (Spanish 2) October 30 2013

27 terms By h4495