40 terms By servant4god

Opera Composer Dates 19th century

43 terms By sahoko_sato_timpone

The Opera

35 terms By sagray

Chapter 14: The Invention of Opera

52 terms By beth_cooper9

The Phantom of the Opera

11 terms By Leeyounseo

Muscianship Opera Terms

33 terms By maurissa_nicole

Unit 12 Go to Beijing Opera

35 terms By zhoucarey

The Mena Soap Opera

10 terms By John_Baldwin2

Opera mea

5 terms By Eteocles

What's in an opera. Vocabulary

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10 terms By OPERACHRISTINE2016

Italian Opera Final Exam

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Women in Opera

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Common Music & Operas

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Opera Terms

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Opera 128A

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Opera History Exam 2

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Opera Midterm

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Mena soap opera

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A Soup Opera

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The mena soap opera

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Opera Terms

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Opera Terms

65 terms By Ling-Ling

Famous Operas

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Opera Essential Shortcut Keys

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Opera Final

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Opera Terms

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Operas and Symphonies

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The MENA soap opera

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operation opera

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Opera Test Review

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Opera- Music Study Set

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The Phantom of the Opera

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NAQT You Gotta Know Opera List

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opera vocab 2

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Opera Final

24 terms By alexatherese

Italian Opera

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Italian Opera continued

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French inf OPERA

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SB Romantic opera

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Chinese Opera

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47 terms By 2012ScholasticBowl

Opera Quiz 1

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Opera Vocabulary

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