Ordering Food/ Places

By kathleenhughes
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ordering food, place setting, and requesting the check

By covertgolf
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Week 2_Menu, Dining Places, Ordering Food, Adjectives

By Chiao_HuangTEACHER
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Supermarket / Ordering Food

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Diǎncài - Ordering food

By thelanguageschoolukTEACHER
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Les places de nourriture (Food places)

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Complete Set Ordering Food in a Restaurant

By deannaottenTEACHER
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Ordering food in the Cafe

By JELivingstoneTEACHER
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Unit 9 Order food

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点菜 Order Food Rhyme

By yeyuningTEACHER
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Unit 10 Ordering Food

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点菜 Ordering Food

13 terms by Jane_CheuTEACHER

Topic 9& Topic 10 Eating out &Ordering food and drinks

By Beijing_ChineseTEACHER
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Ordering food في الـمطعم

By alajadooaTEACHER
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Week #4 Ordering Food in a Restaurant

By RobinsonCrTEACHER
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Ordering food (Spanish)

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Spanish Flashcards #26 - Ordering Food (Pidiendo comida)

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7Fr ordering food in a restaurant

By MrsBellarsTEACHER
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Lesson 11 B - Commander un plat (Ordering food)

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Ordering food

By msaquanTEACHER
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Ordering Food Unidad 4 & Etapa 3

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RSC-Y8 BS2-L2 Ordering Food & Drinks

31 terms by BuLeanTEACHER

3.1 How to order food and drink

By Nina_MirzaTEACHER
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Exam 6.1 & 6.2.1 (Ordering food)

By RainbowGalaxy
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Beginner Unit 6c - Ordering Food and Drinks in a Cafe

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Ordering food in a restaurant, talking about food, requesting a check

By Mariana_Romero6TEACHER
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Food/Placing an order

By jessie_stutzman
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Zoom 1 German Ch 3A Food- Ordering food

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Ordering food

By Sumaya_IbourkTEACHER
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Ordering at a food place

By rachael_bailey13
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Ordering Food at a Restaurant

33 terms by Fanny_LawTEACHER

Ordering Food

By liambmiller
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Grade 4: Ordering Food

By adalordTEACHER
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Capítulo 6 Vocab 1: Food 1 and ordering food

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Inquire about food/place an order

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Japanese 2.2 Ordering Food

By dll_programTEACHER
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Ordering food

By shereesingsTEACHER
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How to order food

By aprilthompsonfennTEACHER
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KM1 6.3 Ordering Food

By vsweetTEACHER
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Order Food in Chinese

By xiaolidotyTEACHER
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Ordering Food

By SuJeongLee_ChadwickTEACHER
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Sims Spanish en espanol 4.3 Ordering food

By carolannzTEACHER
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点菜 to order food

51 terms by YanShaoTEACHER

Ordering food/

By Zoraya_Cunat
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Ordering Food Spanish 8

By Jean_SalasTEACHER
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Ordering food in French

By Madame_MunguiaTEACHER
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BASIC Vocab: Ordering FOOD at Chipotle

By James_BostickTEACHER
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Bien Dit 1 - V6.2 (Order food, Get check)

By MadameLuchon
31 terms by MadameLuchon