German PERFEKT (past participles)

By ProfeW
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German 1 - past participles (Perfekt)

By Mandy_Poetzsch5TEACHER
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German 2: Midterm (Perfekt Past Participles)

By KarlieDarlene
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German Perfekt (past tense)

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Past Participles Perfekt

By Kawessel1
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Past Participles (Perfekt)

By anokhi2000
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Perfekt Past Participles

By Jean2016229
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Das Perfekt (Past Participles)

By jacob_lanczki
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German Perfekt (past tense)

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Das Perfekt- Past Participles

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Perfekt Past Participles

By grace_mcmullen2
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Perfekt- past participles

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Perfekt/Past Participles

By redfoxblacksox
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Partizip Perfekt (past participle)

By wildcatmolly
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German 3 Semester 1 Test 1 The Perfekt Infinitiv to Past Participle

By Quanta_of_fun
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German Perfekt (past tense)

By Frau_KnappTEACHER
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German Present Perfekt Participles

By stargede
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Perfekt Tense Participles German

By Timothy-Kan8
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das Perfekt "Past Participles To Learn"

By pboyntonTEACHER
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German Past Verbs/Perfekt

By ben_ward36
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German: Past Participles

By eljaytee
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German 2 Honors Grammar: Past participles that form Perfekt with sein

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
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German Perfekt Past Tense

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Past Perfekt German 002

By msusini1
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Das Perfekt- Past Participles ( haben )

By HaydenFrench15
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German Past Tense (Perfekt)

By devinm236
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German Past Perfekt 2

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German verbs in past tense (PERFEKT)

By cruzpeteTEACHER
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German Perfekt (past tense) / infinitive

By Amy_BurkholderTEACHER
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Das Perfekt Irregular Past Participles

By honorsaunders7
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Infinitive to Perfekt (auxiliary + past participles)

By quizlette273432
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Verbs - Past Participle - Perfekt Form

By jeakins7
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perfekt with sein past participle

By laburgett18
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Perfekt Tense (Auxiliary + Past Participle)

By Megan_Punzak
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GRMN 5 - Perfekt past participle

By jcparo
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German past participles

By eicheeTEACHER
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LV German past participles

By MWenham
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German Past Participles Holidays

By catracgodTEACHER
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German Past/Past Participles

By alexlowe357
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German Past Participles

35 terms by SACDeutschTEACHER

Regular German past participles

By MonsieurBridges
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Past Perfekt Tense - German Verbs

By mochiturtle
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German Past Tense English to Perfekt

By Julia_Averbuch
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German Past Participles

By jmason321
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IGCSE German past participles

By bpateaching
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German Past Participles

By FrauGillespieTEACHER
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Past participles German

By mrs_mcgrail
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German past participles

By leekhighmfl
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German verbs past participles

By Claudia_Bender
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German Irregular Past Participles

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