German Perfekt (past tense)

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German PERFEKT (past participles)

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Das Perfekt- Past Participles

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Past Participles (German)

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German-Perfekt Past

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German Perfekt

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das Perfekt "Past Participles To Learn"

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past participles-German

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das Perfekt - past participles 4

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Das Perfekt - past participles I

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das Perfekt - past participles 3

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past participles-German

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Deutsch: Na Klar! Kapitel 7 - past participles (German 103, SFU)

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German Perfekt

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Das Perfekt - past participles 2

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Das Perfekt (Past Participles)

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German Perfekt (English in past/German in present --> German Perfekt)

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Irregular Verbs with past participles German - English (New English File Pre-intermediate, p. 155)

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Perfekt/Past Participles

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Das Perfekt- Past Participles ( haben )

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Partizip Perfekt (past participle)

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Past Participles German 2

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Past participles German

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Perfekt Past Participles

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Perfekt Past

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Das Perfekt (Past tense verbs)

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Irregular Verbs with past participles German - English (Murphy, p. 293, selection)

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Irregular Past Participles German GCSE

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Perfekt Past

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GRMN 5 - Perfekt past participle

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Irregular Past Participles German

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Past Participle German Y9

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Common Past Participles (German)

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past participle German verbs

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Perfekt (Past Tense Verbs)

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Past Participles (German)

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Irregular (mostly) Past Participles German

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Strong & Irregular Past Participles German

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German Perfekt

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Past Participle German

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irregular past participles GERMAN

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past participles german

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past participles (German)

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German Perfekt Tense

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Perfekt past verbs

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German - Past Tense: Perfekt (forms of irregular verbs with "haben")

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Regular and Irregular Past Participles (German)

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Das Perfekt- Past Participles

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Irregular Past Participles ( German)

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