Fr. 3 review of irreg. past participles

27 terms By drakeflock TEACHER

Passe compose irreg past participles

34 terms By kaliya TEACHER

BV2 - Rev E - Irreg. Past Participles

54 terms By utlars TEACHER

Irreg. Past Participles

20 terms By donnadimmick TEACHER


54 terms By kmwyskiver

Irreg past participle

12 terms By jammuffin

Fr. 2 review of irreg. past participles

21 terms By drakeflock TEACHER

Irreg. Past Participles

37 terms By amathews

Irreg past participles

40 terms By alicemccrum

irreg. past participles

34 terms By lmontesano

Past Participle (irreg.)

34 terms By hannahstaceynah

Spanish 3H Irreg Past Participles

36 terms By sjeon17

French 3: Irreg past participles

38 terms By mmesimons

FR 3 .irreg. past participles

24 terms By Jean_Donovan

Fr 1 - past participles IRREG

33 terms By mmebell

past participle irreg

59 terms By HAANNAAH_8

Past Participle Irreg Verb 🌞

37 terms By shannon_gallagher1

Irreg. Past Participle of Verbs

15 terms By jacobvertosnik

Irreg. Past Participles

34 terms By theturtle96

Irreg past participles verbs

30 terms By katbog11

Irreg Past Participles Italian

30 terms By beccakandersen

Entertainment + Past Participles (irreg)

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Irreg past participles

33 terms By becca_harvey8

irreg. past participles

29 terms By jsweeen

Irreg. past participle passé

32 terms By hannahmarino523

Irreg. past participles french

31 terms By shane218

Past participle irreg

31 terms By skouldt

II- past participles (irreg 1-30)

33 terms By fraumoore

Irreg Past Participles

27 terms By emshells

2015 irreg. past participles

30 terms By springglass

Irreg. Past Participles

26 terms By nomingo

irreg past participles

28 terms By deirdrek3

Irreg Past Participle Def

28 terms By eaboyboy

Irreg. past participles

24 terms By apeter25

Avoir and irreg past participles

28 terms By RobbieGoldman13

Spanish Past participles-irregs

24 terms By MichHaynes

Irreg. past participles

18 terms By mmiller510

Irreg Past Participle Conjugate

27 terms By eaboyboy

Spanish Past Participle Irregs

23 terms By adancerrr

Port. irreg past participles

23 terms By Michael_Houston

Spanish perfect past participles irregs

27 terms By emilyjessicaa

frsl 102: past participle irreg

30 terms By mkellyhedrick_P7

II- past participles (irregs 31-60)

31 terms By fraumoore

Past Participle Irreg

25 terms By imichelletorres