LSN aller, present, passe compose, and imparfait

19 terms By mmesusansmith TEACHER

Passé Composé French 3

71 terms By caleighwellsaup

French reflexive verbs in passé composé

14 terms By kgrosso TEACHER

Passe compose french 3

136 terms By marthathompson TEACHER

French Passé composé être verbs- forms

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Irregular Passe compose French 3

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Passe Compose- French 3

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Verbes irréguliers au passé composé

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French Verb Quiz - Passé Composé

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passé composé: être ou avoir?

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Passé Composé (irregular past participles)

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Passe compose: avoir or etre?

25 terms By frackiewicz TEACHER

Passé Composé

34 terms By MelleFarman TEACHER

French 3 Irregular Passé Composé

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Passe Compose French 3

12 terms By hannahyb

Fr 3 U2L6 passé composé w/avoir

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Passe compose: etre

31 terms By CSHathaway TEACHER

Le passé simple --> le passé composé

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36 terms By jehannecatalano TEACHER


42 terms By jehannecatalano TEACHER

Chapitre 0 (review) Passé composé with être

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38 terms By jehannecatalano TEACHER

être passé composé

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irregular passe compose French 2

34 terms By juliegaffney TEACHER

Passe Compose-Avoir conjugate

30 terms By jenawelty TEACHER

Passé Composé - French IB

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Bien Dit 1 - passé composé (AVOIR)

35 terms By lhebert TEACHER

French 3 Ch 1 Passe Compose Irregular Verbs

35 terms By svanronsele TEACHER

Lang - Le Passé Composé des verbes réguliers

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Le Passé Composé (with avoir)

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Le Passé Composé

30 terms By jessicatgs TEACHER

French 2 BV1 Ch 11 passé composé

38 terms By GPHS-French TEACHER

Passe Compose TEST REVIEW Combo

102 terms By MadamePanella TEACHER

French Verbs - Passé Composé with Être

101 terms By abosch TEACHER