Passe compose french 3

By marthathompsonTEACHER
136 terms by marthathompsonTEACHER

French 3: Passe Compose

By RyanRebel99
15 terms by RyanRebel99

french 3 passé composé

By Hayley_Johnston
20 terms by Hayley_Johnston

Passe Compose- French 3

By fjuarezhernand
25 terms by fjuarezhernand

French 3: Passe Compose

By Makedaa
11 terms by Makedaa

French 3 Le Passe Compose

By haileelosser
19 terms by haileelosser

French 3 Passe Compose

By Pablo_Acosta3
19 terms by Pablo_Acosta3

French 3 passé compose

By Amoranthony14
39 terms by Amoranthony14

french 3 passe compose

By akknight17
31 terms by akknight17

French 3 passé composé

By Winnie_McG
9 terms by Winnie_McG

French 3 Midterm- Passe Compose

By becaw14
33 terms by becaw14

French 3 Passé Composé

By jfibich
16 terms by jfibich

Irregular Passe compose French 3

By marthathompsonTEACHER
31 terms by marthathompsonTEACHER

French 3 Passé Composé

By Kylepenn12
15 terms by Kylepenn12

Passé Composé French 3

By caleighwellsaup
71 terms by caleighwellsaup

French 3 passe compose test

By kristinl0l
64 terms by kristinl0l

passe compose french s3

14 terms by xX_LUKSTA_Xx

French Passe Compose v. 3

By infinitroller
24 terms by infinitroller

French 3 Final: Passe Compose

By JohnFrazee
11 terms by JohnFrazee

French test #3-Passé Composé

By Emma_Powers2
20 terms by Emma_Powers2

French 3 Irregular Passé Composé

By msjtracyTEACHER
36 terms by msjtracyTEACHER

French 3 - Passe Compose review

By sara_rybacki
49 terms by sara_rybacki

French T3 Passé Composé

By daniel_dorminy
32 terms by daniel_dorminy

French 3: Irregular Passe Compose

By sllang
21 terms by sllang

U3- French Verbs - passé composé

By suzelbeeTEACHER
24 terms by suzelbeeTEACHER

French 3 Passé Composé Review

By Andreasims
24 terms by Andreasims

French 3 passe compose imparfait

By Audrey_Guyon
43 terms by Audrey_Guyon

French 2 Passé Composé 3

By jaydee23walton
17 terms by jaydee23walton

French 3 irreg. passe compose

By clurmacdonald
20 terms by clurmacdonald

French 3 Irregular Passé Composé

By LucC00
36 terms by LucC00

French 3-4 Passé Composé

By makaylay145
23 terms by makaylay145

French 3 Passé Composé Review

By Mademoiselle-K
27 terms by Mademoiselle-K

French 3: Passe Compose and Imperfect

By MimiGirl1000
33 terms by MimiGirl1000

French Unit 3: Passe Compose

By mkott_19
41 terms by mkott_19

French Passe Compose (part 3)

By cohallie15
10 terms by cohallie15

Chapter 3 French Passe Compose

By emmalavin1
24 terms by emmalavin1

French 3 passé composé ÊTRE

By Aspen_Forman
17 terms by Aspen_Forman

french passé composé irregular

By ahodge417
20 terms by ahodge417

FHS French 3 Passe Compose 30 verbs

By MmeHennellyTEACHER
211 terms by MmeHennellyTEACHER

French 3 - Passé Composé with Avoir

By MlleNablo
100 terms by MlleNablo

French 3 Verbs: Passé Compose

By argyllfrench
181 terms by argyllfrench

French 3 Passé Composé Review

By fgbm27
24 terms by fgbm27

unit 3 French passé compose

By nicolafaye_
13 terms by nicolafaye_

French 2 Unit 3 irregular passé composé

By tspell10
77 terms by tspell10

French 3 Review- Passé Composé

By julia_chandonnet
28 terms by julia_chandonnet

French 3 Irregular Passé Composé

By y4smin
36 terms by y4smin

French3:French Irregular Passe Compose verbs

By MadameIvry
29 terms by MadameIvry

French 3 Imparfait and Passé Composé

By Jim_Mooney
80 terms by Jim_Mooney

Passé Composé - French IB

By emily_malettaTEACHER
51 terms by emily_malettaTEACHER

French Test 3 Passé Composé

By cconcha1
51 terms by cconcha1