Past Subjunctive & Present Subjunctive

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perfect mix (present, past, subjunctive)

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Past Subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive & Present Subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive Verbs

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Irregular 3rd person preterites for past subjunctive

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Past subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive & Present Subjunctive

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Present/Past subjunctive - Frases

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Past Subjunctive (el preterito imperfecto de subjuntivo)

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Past Subjunctive Verbs

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The Past Subjunctive

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past subjunctive study set

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Spanish Past Subjunctive

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irregular perfect mix - present, past, subjunctive, future, conditional

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Congiuntivo Passato (past subjunctive) (lui/lei form)

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21 - Past Subjunctive Forms (yo/él/ella/usted only) (3-8) (Sra. Flores' class)

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conditional and past subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive irregular stems

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Enfoques 8: Past subjunctive

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1 Past-Past Subjunctive

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Mixed Tenses (Present- Past Subjunctive) yo form

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The Past Subjunctive

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Spanish future, present, conditional, past (subjunctives)

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Past Subjunctive

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past, past subjunctive, and conditional

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Past-subjunctive Prep: Reviewing Irregular "Ustedes" Forms in Preterit

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Irregulars for past subjunctives

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Past Subjunctive

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the past subjunctive quiz

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Irregular preterite verbs in the Past Subjunctive

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Portuguese 304 Chapter 20 Grammar: Past subjunctive

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4.3 Past Subjunctive #1

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Past Subjunctive o imperfecto de subjuntivo

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Past Subjunctive

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2 Past-Past Subjunctive + Me enteré (Spanish 3)

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Present and Past Subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive Formation

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Past subjunctive verbs

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Imperfect (past) subjunctive formation

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Past subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive Spanish


4.3 Past Subjunctive II

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Past subjunctive

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Past and Past Subjunctive

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The Subjunctive With Expressions of conjunctions; the past subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive Conjugations - Spanish

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G8: Chapter 7: The Past Subjunctive

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Past Subjunctive

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