Verbs: past tenses 3

49 terms By mholeary TEACHER

Past tense

20 terms By Diego_Arenales1980 TEACHER

Past Tense #3

10 terms By hartleyj TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense: Present to Past

67 terms By Mindy_HFC TEACHER

Irregular Verbs, Past Tense

81 terms By euricigarroa TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense 3

12 terms By M_VanEssendelft

irregular verbs in past tense 3/10

7 terms By gabyaebischer TEACHER

B8 Irregular Past Tense Groups 2 and 1 16S2

22 terms By VanWagnerL TEACHER

Young World 4 - Unit 3 - Past tense - German/English

68 terms By maurocasanova TEACHER

Past Tense of Verbs and i-type Adjectives

56 terms By CliffDarnall TEACHER

Present and Past Tense Verbs

77 terms By MsJasper TEACHER

avoir vs être verbs in the past tense

30 terms By katherinericci123 TEACHER

ESL Irregular Past Tense

30 terms By aagebhart

Irregular Verbs - Past Tense #3

111 terms By mcochran-keith

100 Irregular Past Tense Verbs

100 terms By BBakin TEACHER

Spanish holiday verbs in the past tense

15 terms By Cristina05 TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

20 terms By S_Nartiff TEACHER

Top 100 Korean Verbs - Past Tense (Part 1 of 2)

50 terms By tammyshin TEACHER

PA_Simple Past Tense (3)

14 terms By PA31-MaryHo

B8 Irregular Past Tense Group 2 16S2

10 terms By VanWagnerL TEACHER

B8 Irregular Past Tense Group 1 16S2

12 terms By VanWagnerL TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

30 terms By juliemcinnes TEACHER

Verb - present and 2 past tenses

33 terms By JackyLipp TEACHER

Verbs: past tenses 1

54 terms By mholeary TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense (1-45)

45 terms By rcaceres TEACHER

Past tense- list #3

20 terms By Joan_Fiser7 TEACHER

Sesotho past tense 3

14 terms By nrglass

Nili School Past Tense #3

10 terms By chanie66

Verbs: past tenses 2

67 terms By mholeary TEACHER

ESL Irregular Past Tense-1

30 terms By ShawRains TEACHER

3.10 Past Tense Test 1 German 2/3

36 terms By lunner01 TEACHER

Past tense verbs

30 terms By Joan_Fiser7 TEACHER

Past tense Reflexive verbs

21 terms By eflclassroom TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

96 terms By arthurwenzel TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense (revised)

38 terms By ajoycetb TEACHER

Key Past Tense Words

14 terms By bourquephs TEACHER

past tense verbs

16 terms By i-English TEACHER

Irregular past tense (1- 25)

25 terms By anamaba TEACHER

Past Tense #2

30 terms By Joan_Fiser7 TEACHER

Time Frames: Past tense French

14 terms By Poppyhead TEACHER

Simple Past Tense (regular and irregular verbs)

48 terms By SraFuentes2 TEACHER

Irregular verbs in the Past Tense

61 terms By ProfThen TEACHER

Irregular Past Tense verbs 2

32 terms By mrsanntutoring TEACHER

Action verbs in past tense 1

37 terms By MsRFlavin TEACHER

Spanish AR verbs- Past tense.

25 terms By sdjohnson123

Past/Present/Future Verbs (regular past tense) Gr 3

35 terms By Jennifer_Gillies