Irregular Preterite (Past) Tense Verbs Conjugations (no vosotros)

85 terms By atjewell Teacher

Past tense verb conjugation

54 terms By neldan2750

Nepali 5.2 (Past Tense Verb Conjugation)

40 terms By LearningNepali

Past Tense Verb Conjugation

42 terms By y2013deayou

Past Tense Verb Conjugations Spanish 2

124 terms By tdegouti

Nepali [past tense] verb conjugation

8 terms By Brian_Purcell

OLY Italian Past Tense Verb Conjugation #1

33 terms By OLYfam

Spanish: Past Tense Verb Conjugations

25 terms By chels731

Verb Conjugations - Perfect (Past) Tense

40 terms By welehman Teacher

French Irregular Past Tense Verb Conjugations

51 terms By salmakhairat

Arab 111: Past tense verb conjugations

6 terms By tshysbinsun

Past Tense Verb Conjugations

126 terms By jennifer_korchak

Past Tense Verb Conjugations

48 terms By AdamLaz

Spanish Past Tense Verbs Conjugation

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past tense verbs conjugate

42 terms By rinniemcwillie

Past Tense Verb Conjugations

21 terms By Hindawi

Past-Tense Verb Conjugations

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Past Tense Verb Conjugations

15 terms By erindabney

Spanish Past Tense Verb Conjugations

90 terms By melanieg21

Spanish3: Past Tense verbs conjugated

99 terms By jackie_green97

French Past Tense Verb Conjugations

40 terms By emmaodonnell0918

Present and Past Tense Verbs

77 terms By MsJasper Teacher

Spanish Past Tense Verbs + Conjugation

28 terms By anthonyhaines

-AR, -ER/-IR, Hacer, Dar, Ver, Ir/Ser Past-tense Verb Conjugations

37 terms By TS180033

Irregular Past Tense Verb Conjugations

55 terms By stambalina

Spanish - Irregular Past Tense Verb Conjugations

50 terms By ofetter

Past Tense Verb Conjugation

14 terms By odell_shannon

Past tense verb conjugations

30 terms By dinosantia

Gramática- The preterite (past tense) verb conjugation

30 terms By borkowkd

Simple past tense: Verb conjugation

28 terms By Ruthiee_Chingu

spanish--past tense verb conjugations and shopping words

48 terms By Sivan_Ginor

Past Tense Verbs Conjugation

69 terms By ft_rommel

German Past Tense Verbs- Conjugations

66 terms By apolloschariot

Past tense verb conjugations

31 terms By Patrick_Holbrook

Regular Past Tense Verb Conjugation (Avoir)

30 terms By FinnyBoi

Past tense verb conjugation

31 terms By alexispettisani

Irregular Past Tense Verb Conjugations

44 terms By henry_klausner

Past Tense Verb Conjugations

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Past tense verb conjugations

30 terms By livlovsing94

spanish past tense verb conjugations

38 terms By skrugler

Past Tense Verb Conjugations

100 terms By bwhenderson

Spanish past tense Verbs ( conjugation)

36 terms By Libby_Boone

Past tense verb conjugation

150 terms By jrhotz

past tense verb conjugation

136 terms By Matthew_Oelschlegal

Past tense verb conjugation

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More Packet 1-- present tense and past tense, verbs, conjugations, and translations.

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Past Tense Verb Conjugation *new*

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Past Tense verb conjugations

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100 Irregular Past Tense Verbs

100 terms By BBakin Teacher

past tense verb conjugation

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