Peds and Ob Chapt. 33

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Combo with Peds and Ob Chapt. 33 and 2 others

73 terms By laurierobinson30

ob, peds, and geriatrics

51 terms By BrandiMA

OB and Peds and Geriatrics Test

44 terms By MoniqueDrew

Newborn Care - Peds and Complications

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OB/Peds Final Study Guide

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EMT OB/Peds Study Guide

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119 terms By RosaDawn

NBCE-Part 2- ACS-female, OB/PEDS

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bstrandable NCLEX OB/Peds 2 of 3

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bstrandable NCLEX OB/Peds 1 of 3

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Peds Anesthesia Considerations: Peds, OB, GERI

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Neonates: Peds, OB, Geriatrics

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bstrandable NCLEX OB/Peds 3 of 3

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Test 4 OB/Peds

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OB Peds Test 4

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Geriatrics: Peds, Geri, OB

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Hesi ob/peds review

30 terms By christy_d_yates

OB/PEDS Chapter 29; The infant

71 terms By EMcMurray

Test 4 OB/Peds

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Aspiration: Peds, Geri, OB

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Fetal Circulation: Peds, OB, Geriatrics

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OB management of L&D: Peds, Geri, OB

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Non-OB Surgery During Pregnancy: Peds, Geri, OB

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OB/Gyn UWise & UWorld Notes

339 terms By vekstein17

OB/Peds Final

141 terms By danielleadamson

Systemic Analgesia: Peds, Geri, & OB

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VBAC: Peds, Geri, OB

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Killer Foils 2 (OB, Derm, Peds, ENT, OB, STD)

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hesi ob/peds 2

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Lactation: Peds, Geri, OB

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OB/Peds Core Conpets

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USMLE Easy Family Medicine, Peds, OB/GYN

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ob exam 1

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ob ch 16 & 17

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OB/Peds Set 2

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peds ch 18

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Peds/OB Test 3

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Postop Analgesia: Peds, Geri, OB

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