By aaguirre6142
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By lilypadisawesome13
20 terms by lilypadisawesome13

pensive progressive

By pedenarnold1
9 terms by pedenarnold1

Lesson 23; obscene- pensive

By sarahhills8
15 terms by sarahhills8

Vocabulary English (pensive)

By DavisGraham1
11 terms by DavisGraham1

ACT Vocabulary: mere - pensive

By lapulley
11 terms by lapulley

Vocab 23 obscene - pensive

By psmith194
15 terms by psmith194

vocabulary: pensive, chide, erudite

By bouxseinhailey07
21 terms by bouxseinhailey07

Lit Vocab: euphora-pensive

By Teresa_Fries
20 terms by Teresa_Fries

Word List 34: Palpable - Pensive

By emilyawright
60 terms by emilyawright

English 10 vocab (Pensive- Epitome)

By BryClout
10 terms by BryClout

SAT Term Patent - Pensive Quiz 62

By PhillipBratanatawira
14 terms by PhillipBratanatawira

Rickard's Sat words (Pensive- Quail)

By London_Lindsay
20 terms by London_Lindsay

GRE vocab (list 34: palpable-pensive)

By ashleyrosedevito
60 terms by ashleyrosedevito

Lesson 23: obscene--pensive (w/o Sydney's sentences)

By krk101
15 terms by krk101

Lesson 23: obscene--pensive (w/ Sydney's sentences)

By clraymond18
15 terms by clraymond18

Lesson 23: obscene--pensive (w/ Sydney's sentences)

By krk101
15 terms by krk101

Emotions 6

By giflinguaTEACHER
10 terms by giflinguaTEACHER

Vocabulary #3 Picto-Flashcards

By nichchim
15 terms by nichchim

Vocab 3

By Linda_Reppucci
15 terms by Linda_Reppucci

Hrvatski, kolovoz 2016

By elizaveta_levina
14 terms by elizaveta_levina

Caesar's English II Lessons 5 through 8 VOCABULARY

By NguyenHomeschool
10 terms by NguyenHomeschool

Roll of Thunder Ch. 1-3

By ehugenberg
9 terms by ehugenberg

Lesson 5 Vocabulary

By CDcampbell73
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By mike-leachTEACHER
21 terms by mike-leachTEACHER

2- Daily Conversation Words

By Shirin_G
10 terms by Shirin_G

7th Grade High Frequency Words #1

10 terms by MsBabbittTEACHER

Romeo and Juliet Act IV

By amy_nicholsonTEACHER
10 terms by amy_nicholsonTEACHER

Week 35 days 3 & 4

By cconradhss
10 terms by cconradhss

"Boys and Girls" and "The Bass..."

By tmkleeTEACHER
10 terms by tmkleeTEACHER

Rogers Vocabulary Unit 7

By rivenm
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By aebirck
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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Vocabulary 3

By Samantha_Bradley84
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By quizlette2358568
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8th grade Unit 7 Vocab

By Amy_Nass
12 terms by Amy_Nass

The Minister's Black Veil

By Nikaya_Smith
10 terms by Nikaya_Smith

Weekly Vocab Bk 1 - Lesson 1

By Alexandra_Antle
10 terms by Alexandra_Antle

ACC vocabulary 4

By Elizabeth_C__Ryan
35 terms by Elizabeth_C__Ryan

Vocabulary Power Plus - Book One - Lesson1

By mbmackey48
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By Anthea_Reid
9 terms by Anthea_Reid

Vocabulary List 1

By msnieves16
10 terms by msnieves16

Frankenstein last chapters

10 terms by MrsJonesCCHSEnglishTEACHER

12th Grade Vocabulary List 1

By Connie_Hollingsworth
12 terms by Connie_Hollingsworth

SAT October

By hpetershms
10 terms by hpetershms

to kill a mockingbird - vocabulary - chapters 12, 13, and 14

By ejw9114
15 terms by ejw9114

"Amigo Brothers" Vocabulary Study

By jcristadoro
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pend pens pond(hang)

By ggie_ma
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Unit 3.1

By leah_rekow
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Frankenstein Volume 2 Vocabulary

By Cassandra_Smith73TEACHER
16 terms by Cassandra_Smith73TEACHER

NFiFG 99-end

By room139
15 terms by room139