SABS1: GI Pharm - Names

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Pharm - Name that Drug Interaction

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Pharm names

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Pharm Names

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Endocrine Pharm Names

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Endocrine pharm - names

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HESI Pharm names

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Pharm names

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Pharm Names

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Pharm Names

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13. Psych Pharm name game

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Pharm Names

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Reproductive Pharm Names

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Respiratory Pharm Names

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Pharm Names Quiz

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Intro pharm names and dates

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Pharm Names

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Pharm: Name the Class of the Drugs You Don't Know

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Pharm names

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Cardiovascular Pharm Names

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dcms3 - psych pharm names

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Cardio Pharm Names

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Autonomic Pharm Names

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pharm names

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B5T1 Pharm names

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Pharm names (generic)

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Pharm - name the class

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Pharm name recognition - antimicrobials

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Pharm Names Block 7

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ENT Pharm Names

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Pharm Names CAM201

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diabetes pharm (names only)

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all pharm names

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Neuro Pharm Names

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Pharm Name Test

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Pharm Names

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Hematology Pharm Names

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pharm names/mech

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Neuro Pharm - Names

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Pharm name recognition - GI and pulm drugs

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Neuro Pharm Names bc they're awful

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Pharm name recognition - Endo/Repro drugs

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AB Pharm Names

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OB Pharm Name and Class only

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N841-HIV Pharm-Names

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Psych Pharm Naming

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Pharm name list- Exam 1

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