Pharmacology Drug- Trade, Generic, & Classification Set 1

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Pharmacology Drug- Trade, Generic, and Classification- Set 2

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Veterinary Technology - Pharmacology drugs

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Veterinary Technology - Pharmacology Drugs

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Pharmacology Drugs Generic and Trade

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Pharmacology - Drugs by Generic Name

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Pharmacology - Drugs by Generic Name

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pharmacology drugs generic/brand

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Pharmacology: Generic Drug Names

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Pharmacology: Drugs and mechanisms-General

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General Pharmacology Drugs

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Pharmacology: Generic drug names

By Lauren_Ashly
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LARE Drug Names (Brand / Generic) - Pharmacy Technology

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pharmacology drug generic, trade, category

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ATA pharmacology drugs name/generic

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PHARMACOLOGY - generic drug name endings

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Pharmacology Brand/Generic Drugs 1

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Respiratory drugs (Brand/Generic/Pharmacology)

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Pharmacology 2 Drugs brand and generic

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Pharmacology II General Anesthetic Drugs

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Pharmacology (generic and trade names of drugs)

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Pharmacology Drug Generic and Brand Name

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Pharmacology Brand/Generic Drug Names

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Pharmacology Drug Names- Generic and Brand

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drugs 101-200 (generic-pharmacologic)

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General Pharmacology FA- Drug Endings

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Pharmacology 2: General Anesthetics Drugs

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Pharmacology Ch. 4 Cephalosporins Brand & Generic Drugs

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4th set of drugs/generic

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Pharmacology Drugs Set 2

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pharmacology drugs set IV

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General Pharmacology FA- Drug Endings

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Pharmacology Drugs Set 3

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Pharmacology drugs set 2

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Pharmacology MOA UFV: DRUGS. Trade/generic

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VTT 244 Pharmacology - Generic/Brand Name Drugs

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PHARMACOLOGY - Prefix, Root, Suffix - GENERIC Drugs

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Pharmacology Cardiovascular Drugs and general questions.

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Pharmacology Drug Set 1

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Last Set--- Drugs /Generic

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1st Set of Drugs - Generic

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Pharmacology Drug set 1

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Pharmacology Drug Set 2

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pharmacology drug set II

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Pharmacology Drug Set 1

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Pharmacology Drug Drill Set

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Drugs 51-75: Generic Name/Pharmacology/Kinetics

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