Pharmacotherapy Virology Medicine

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Asthma Pharmacotherapy part 1- Moye

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Pharmacotherapy of Diabetes Part II- Exam 4

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Asthma Pharmacotherapy Part 2- Moye

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3.4.1 Antiviral Pharmacotherapy

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Pharmacotherapy of COPD- Bucheit

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PHRM 825 - 3/23/15 (Medicinal chemistry and pharmacology of drugs used in pulmonary pharmacotherapy)

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4.4.1 Pharmacotherapy of Fungal Infections (General & Cell Membrane Antifungals)

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The Endocrine System Disease States and Pharmacotherapy

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Antiviral Pharmacotherapy

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PHRM 844 - 9/1/15 (Physiology/Pharmacology of Corticosteroids and Medicinal Chemistry of Corticoster…

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HIV Pharmacotherapy

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Pharmacotherapy Drugs

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4.4.2 Pharmacotherapy of Fungal Infections (DNA/RNA Synthesis Antifungals & Fungal Cell Wall Ant…

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4.4.3 Pharmacotherapy of Fungal Infections (Miscellaneous Anti-Fungals)

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Depression, Anxiety, OCD Pharmacotherapy

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PHRM 825 - 4/8/15 (Medicinal chemistry and pharmacology of immunosuppressive drugs)

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Bipolar and ADHD Pharmacotherapy

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PHRM 825 - 4/20/15 (Medicinal chemistry and pharmacology of NSAIDs and DMARDs)

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Pharmacotherapy 5-Travel Medicine

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Natural Medicine (Pharmacotherapy I, Exam 2)

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Nicotine Pharmacotherapy

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Pneumocystis Pneumonia: Pharmacotherapy

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3.4.1 Antiviral Pharmacotherapy

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HIV Meds

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