Phonetic Arabic Vocab-Midterm

120 terms By emraeco

Phonetic Arabic

154 terms By iwpkate

Arabic expression cards

24 terms By George110765 Teacher

Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

10 terms By Panzerwurfer

Months of the year in Arabic

12 terms By tahaxx1 Teacher

Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic) - Sensei's HW

10 terms By beattysensei Teacher

Arabic Numbers (phonetic)

11 terms By Panzerwurfer

Arabic Numbers (phonetic)

34 terms By AnnaRubenstein

Arabic Animals (phonetics)

34 terms By Liamu

Arabic phonetic alpha

28 terms By Nicolas_DeLand

A1. Arabic Greetings and polite expressions

27 terms By kenmay Teacher

Arabic Vocab Thackston 1-2

32 terms By Richard_McDonald2

Arabic phonetics

28 terms By ariannajbarnes

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 2

96 terms By gastr

Unit 1 Arabic (phonetic)

51 terms By katebutler014

Arabic Phonetic Vocab

62 terms By lonewanderer727

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 1

78 terms By gastr

Arabic Conversational (phonetic)

24 terms By AnnaRubenstein

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 6

80 terms By gastr

Arabic phonetics

284 terms By jacob_potts4

Arabic Alphabet Phonetic

27 terms By pnblake

Arabic Alphabet (Phonetic)

28 terms By Matthew_Haugen3

Around the Home (phonetic -> script)

12 terms By montereyarabic

Spoken Levant Arabic - Verbs

256 terms By gastr

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 4

80 terms By gastr

Directed Arabic, Phonetic

25 terms By iwpkate

Levantine Arabic Verbs (Phonetic)

178 terms By salmanburhan

Modern Standard Arabic

104 terms By Liamu

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 7

161 terms By gastr

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 3

97 terms By gastr

Arabic Phrases (phonetics)

16 terms By Liamu

Arabic Verbs (phonetic)

22 terms By AnnaRubenstein

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 5

145 terms By gastr

Spoken Levant Arabic Lesson 8

112 terms By gastr

Arabic Expressions (Phonetic)

20 terms By hannahdotbyrd

Arabic Pleasantries (phonetic)

19 terms By AnnaRubenstein

Shamsi/Quamari Letters Arabic

28 terms By Sbarry_57

Arabic short, simple words (phonetic)

18 terms By AnnaRubenstein

Alif Baa Unit 3 Arabic-Phonetic

22 terms By lindseyrichey6

Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

41 terms By jessjimenez

Arabic Greetings (phonetic)

13 terms By AnnaRubenstein

Arabic Phrases

25 terms By Forreste_McCormick