Phonetic Arabic

By iwpkate
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By rjadmoussa
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Arabic phonetics

By jacob_potts4
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By alfa_gamma
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Arabic phonetics

By ariannajbarnes
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By Panzerwurfer
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Bgsdma Arabic Numbers (phonetic)

By dmabgs
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By jessjimenez
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By afrah_adam12
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Arabic Numbers (phonetic)

By scoutjeanfinch
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Unit 1 Arabic (phonetic)

By katebutler014
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Arabic Phonetic Vocab

By lonewanderer727
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Levantine Arabic Verbs (Phonetic)

By salmanburhan
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Arabic Numbers (phonetic)

By hannahdotbyrd
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Arabic Phrases (Phonetic)

By PeterRe
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Directed Arabic, Phonetic

By iwpkate
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Arabic Alphabet (Phonetic)

By Matthew_Haugen3
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By afrah_adam12
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Arabic Expressions (Phonetic)

By hannahdotbyrd
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Arabic Alphabet -- Initial (Systematic Phonetics)

By CrossFeet
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Arabic Alphabet -- Isolated (Systematic Phonetics)

By CrossFeet
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Arabic Alpha -- Medial (Systematic Phonetics)

By CrossFeet
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Alif Baa Unit 3 Arabic-Phonetic

By lindseyrichey6
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Global-LT Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic)

By rjadmoussa
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Arabic Alphabet -- Final (Systematic Phonetics)

By CrossFeet
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Basic Arabic Greetings (Phonetic) - Sensei's HW

By beattysenseiTEACHER
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Levantine Arabic Verbs (Phonetic: Past/Present/Command)

By salmanburhan
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Modern Iraqi Arabic phonetic pairs (Al-Khalesi Ch1)

By harryhoundini
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Arabic alphabet

By Henrik_F
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Arabic Alphabet Sounds

By ThomasStanleyTEACHER
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Arabic Alphabet (all forms) - Arabic on Front

By Amelia_White4TEACHER
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By derusp001
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Arabic Phrases

By Forreste_McCormick
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Phonetic Words

By bethanymalm
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Phonetic Dialiects

By jrmeenan
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Phonetics and Phonology c. 17-20

By pabergan
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Arabic Mid-Term Study Guide Part One

By jared_howard62
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Linguistic Theory Vocabulary 1-4

By Christy_Conaway4
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Classical Theories of Arabic Language I ( CASA Spring)

By nadirahom
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WHAP Era 3 600 CE - 1450 CE

By rrbrecht
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By shannon_maloney2
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Arabic Adjectives3

By Vandorf594
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By tayler_burke
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TPO-25-L3.Egyptian Hieroglyphs

By helene_dai
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Chapter 1, Syllables and Suprsegmentals 1.6, Exam 1

By mariat_munoz
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Phonetics Final

By ehicksWVU
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22的5/12查過 by VoiceTube

By amand22
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Phonetics "exam 4"

By samantha_trattner
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Arabic Quiz 1.5

By DarkMayhem
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World History Chapter 11 & 12

By Mr_Kirkeby
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