Phonetic Codes

By aronayne8
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Phonetic Codes

By Gary_Goldsberry
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Phonetic Codes

By amg3mom
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Phonetic Codes

By Otoraya
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Phonetic Codes

By April_94
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Phonetic codes

By Bmart2299
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Phonetic Code

By bknight321
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Phonetic Code

By NoahT82
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Phonetic Code

By Ivan_Buckland
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Phonetic code

By antonysk1234
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Phonetic Code

By Selinsgrove
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Phonetic Code

By GregLombana
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Phonetic Code

By kittycayleen
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Phonetic Code

By sarah_quick6
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The Phonetic Code

By Caijun_Qin
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Phonetics Codes

By Allyson_Franklin21
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10 Codes, Phonetics, and Codes

By s633085
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Phonetic Alphabet Codes

By keithbendixen
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MNPD Phonetic Alphabet Codes

By jdlr46
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Codes and Phonetic Alphabet

By hutukmieshu
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Alpha phonetic clearing codes

By Arely_Santana
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Law Enforcement Phonetic Codes

By samantha_alberts4
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Phonetic Alphabet Codes

By Ben_Hughes26
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By kaaathy
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10 Codes & Phonetic Alphabet

By granger_1999
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Phonetic and 10-Codes

By sofizzzle
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Phonetic Codes & Radio

By AAYan
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Alpha phonetic codes

By eeana
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Phonetic Alphabet Codes

By beth_schrader_wilder
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ten codes and phonetic alphabet

By Sergio_Rangel
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By max_leha
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Phonetic alphabet codes

By williamtorr
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10 codes and phonetic alphabet

By haileylockard24
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Radio codes phonetic alphabet

By bb_resa
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Phonetic Alphabet Codes

By kaccak
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10 codes and phonetic alphabet

By destinie_marsden
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Phonetic numeric and ten codes

By MadisonLee811
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Unitrans Phonetic and Radio Codes

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By KateTopete
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NCSHP Phonetic Alphabet & 10 Codes

By slmoy
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Brevity Codes/Phonetic Alphabet

By alicia_rose_dzioba
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phonetic alphabet morse code

By andy_gabraiele
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By Alexi_Armandsen
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Exam codes/phonetic alphabet

By essa_chave
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Penal Codes and Phonetics

By North82
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Phonetic Alphabet Code

By Mmwjade07
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Police Phonetic Code

By cassiezavala
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Morse Code NATO Phonetic

By life_is_lifey
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Phonetic Code overseas

By ayukon
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phonetic code (overseas)

By iwatank
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