German greetings and everyday phrases

32 terms By rosgreen Teacher

Phrases (German 1)

26 terms By Kristina_M_Hoffman

time phrases German, VGR

13 terms By MFLatBSCS Teacher

German 1 Practice exam phrases, vocab.

43 terms By mrreierstad Teacher

Important German Phrases

30 terms By LearnandProsper94

Learning German #1 Nouns & Important Phrases

82 terms By Garrett_Carter42

Classroom Phrases (German 1)

14 terms By claramcmahon

Express yourself in German 1

14 terms By book2010 Teacher

Spelling Bee - Stage 3 German 1

25 terms By hymersmfl Teacher

Celebration Phrases German Vocabulary

21 terms By TheGermanLanguageSchool Teacher

Time winning speaking phrases German

11 terms By Abingdongerman Teacher

German 1 Weather Vocab

20 terms By FrauS

Giving Directions in German

34 terms By shereesings Teacher

German 1: Basic Phrases

97 terms By BehindTheMix

Useful Phrases German

36 terms By Jizzlet

German phrases

1,419 terms By JoGV

KM1: Kap 5-3 phrases

26 terms By shereesings Teacher

KM1: Kap 3-1: SSMD phrases

14 terms By shereesings Teacher

Essay phrases - German A2

60 terms By DaviesK08

Useful German Phrases (German)

34 terms By JackieXue

KM1: Kap 1: SSMD phrases

16 terms By shereesings Teacher

Intro to German: Quiz 1

41 terms By jph254

German 1 - Common Phrases

27 terms By gothicroze

Good Oral Discussion phrases German

30 terms By tattampr1

German 1 Words and Phrases

24 terms By WilliamGuyer

KM1: Kap 2-1 SSMD phrases

12 terms By shereesings Teacher

German 1 nouns and phrases

50 terms By elizabeth_rohling6

KM1: Kap 1-3a SSMD phrases

12 terms By shereesings Teacher

time phrases, German, VGR

14 terms By marlwood2 Teacher

KM1: Kap 1-3b SSMD phrases

9 terms By shereesings Teacher

KM1: Kap 2-3 SSMD phrases

15 terms By shereesings Teacher

Phrases- German

20 terms By ssgriggs

German 1 phrases

84 terms By heaney17

German 1 Classroom Phrases

26 terms By lawrence_j

KM1: Kap 11-2 SSMD phrases

19 terms By shereesings Teacher

German greetings

18 terms By vdraper Teacher

Time Phrases - German

30 terms By MissGuitar13

Useful Classroom phrases German 101

22 terms By AkemiKobayashi

manner (how) phrases, German, VGR

10 terms By marlwood2 Teacher

Useful phrases German

69 terms By alexandria2003

KM1: Kap 3-2: SSMD phrases

12 terms By shereesings Teacher

KM1: Kap 3-3 SSMD phrases

17 terms By shereesings Teacher

Deutsch Aktuell 1 Ka. 3a phrases

19 terms By Fraucrmiller

planning a shopping trip phrases, German, VGR

12 terms By marlwood2 Teacher

German 1, Week 1 & 2 Phrases

30 terms By MisterGraff

German 1 Section 5

82 terms By Okami-Master