Jixiangsanbao (verse 1/3) hanzi-pinyin

22 terms By David_EB_Forbes Teacher

Ch9 Clothes & Colors, pinyin and English

52 terms By aaronhkandersen Teacher

Ch3A Dates and Time, Pinyin and English

48 terms By aaronhkandersen Teacher

1: L4B pinyin/yingwen

17 terms By d219laoshi Teacher

Bentley mandarin 3 lesson 2.2 adjectives, pinyin w hanzi

24 terms By feifeitutu Teacher

1: Lesson 3A hanzi/pinyin

30 terms By d219laoshi Teacher

IC3 Lv1 Lesson 10 D1 Char+PinYin

31 terms By chianglaoshi Teacher

Top 100 Pinyin Hanzi

105 terms By abelcamacho Teacher

拼音班 - 期中複習 (Pinyin - Lesson 1 - 13)

22 terms By Tzu_Chi_Miami Teacher

Jixiangsanbao (verse 1/3) pinyin-english

22 terms By David_EB_Forbes Teacher

Mandarin01 pinyin

28 terms By LanguageTiger Teacher

family members-pinyin

12 terms By WinMandarin Teacher

Bentley Mandarin 2 lesson 4.4 no pinyin

34 terms By feifeitutu Teacher

Cinese 1 - unità 4, test pinyin

30 terms By Sparvoli Teacher

Ni Hao 2 Chp 3 Voc list 1B characters/pinyin -> meaning

20 terms By ylee02 Teacher

NVCS Pinyin Pre-k Lesson 11

8 terms By xi_chen Teacher

10.11 Will you go to this dance with me? Ch=>pinyin

21 terms By xideweier Teacher

1: Lesson 3A yingwen/pinyin

30 terms By d219laoshi Teacher

DNPC1L03b pinyin

11 terms By hofmannlaoshi Teacher

CSL 1B/1D - L.6 (w/ Pinyin)

20 terms By JoyceChu96 Teacher

DNPC1L03a Pinyin

13 terms By hofmannlaoshi Teacher

Cinese 1 - Unità 6, test pinyin

28 terms By Sparvoli Teacher

Ch3A Dates and Time, Characters and Pinyin

48 terms By aaronhkandersen Teacher

33H L13A hanzi-pinyin

26 terms By d219laoshi Teacher

MP4 Lesson2 Subjects of Studies - with pinyin

39 terms By Gao_Laoshi Teacher

Daily Routine 1: English - Pinyin (w.o.tones)

39 terms By daniellewiggans Teacher

P4 Unit 2 Neighborhood Image to Char & Pinyin

10 terms By mbmcentire Teacher

Pinyin Alphabet - Initials & Special Syllables

27 terms By Hua_Zhang Teacher

PANDA Vocabulary Words in Mandarin Chinese - Simplified with PinYin & English

12 terms By DailyNoodles

1: L5A hanzi/pinyin

29 terms By d219laoshi Teacher

Basic Chinese A1 (pinyin) Lesson1

8 terms By LanguageTiger Teacher

Mandarin with Siqi 2a: Hanzi/English (pinyin)

67 terms By FionaClements

3/3H: L15 home (yingwen-pinyin)

35 terms By d219laoshi Teacher

CH1 U2 Classroom pinyin

25 terms By zhaojing Teacher

Kangxuang 1B Chp 9: characters->pinyin/meaning

22 terms By ylee02 Teacher

Man A Unit 4 Where are they? house words-Pinyin+pictures

12 terms By chulaoshi Teacher

Pinyin Introductory (practice)

25 terms By tn_wong Teacher

Lesson 4 - Hobbies, pinyin and English

30 terms By aaronhkandersen Teacher

Better Chinese Lesson 47/pinyin+photo

30 terms By hsiaoh Teacher

Mandarin with Siqi 3b: English/pinyin

65 terms By FionaClements

HSK 2 (Hanzi --> Pinyin)

303 terms By Eszter30 Teacher

DNPC1L02b Pinyin

9 terms By hofmannlaoshi Teacher

Man A Unit 5 What are the wearing? clothes-pinyin+photos

13 terms By chulaoshi Teacher

ANIMALS (1) sentences in Chinese - Simplified with PinYin & English

13 terms By earlystartchinese Teacher

P3 Getting To Know You Pinyin to Image

10 terms By mbmcentire Teacher

8th Grade Chinese 学中文 Unit 2 Pinyin/English

62 terms By Milaoshi Teacher

P. 49 Grammar Summary Pinyin

25 terms By RRPS Teacher


13 terms By CoachAbby

ESC1 L3 simplified (no pinyin)

14 terms By SASCHINESE