PINYIN - Initials

By milaoshiNbpsTEACHER
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HSK1 Pinyin <-> English

By OrientalDialogue
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我爱吃土豆。Pinyin challenge.

By Susan3355
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Basic Chinese- Colour(Pinyin)

By LanguageTiger
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Pinyin 07

By inami0221
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Lesson 1, Greeting (Pinyin)

By llcwillametteTEACHER
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Pinyin (section 1)

By pandachatin
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Pinyin Initials

By Ergan_Xu
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Pinyin initials

By XinGong
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Pinyin 03

By inami0221
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Transport in Pinyin

By Fyin
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Lesson 2, Family (Pinyin)

By llcwillametteTEACHER
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8c pinyin

By Corbin_Wright
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Pinyin Vocabulary 5

By Crowzhenhai
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Pinyin (section 2)

By pandachatin
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Pinyin Initials

By Iris_Mckay
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Pinyin 1-3

By jspeedling
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8d pinyin

By Corbin_Wright
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By SophieJuneTEACHER
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8b pinyin

By Corbin_Wright
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Nationality - pinyin

By wchen9
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Hobbies (Pinyin)

By jiakaili
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DNPC1L02a pinyin

By hofmannlaoshiTEACHER
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自然(without pinyin)

By neo_lu9
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pinyin initials

By grantedfornowTEACHER
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Weekdays ChC-Pinyin&En

By Yang_Laoshi_nzTEACHER
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By sam_bateman9
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9b pinyin

By Corbin_Wright
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Greeting - pinyin

By yulilyTEACHER
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TPR 1_Pinyin

13 terms by Hua_ZhangTEACHER

9c pinyin

By Corbin_Wright
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Pinyin 04

By inami0221
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frukost (pinyin)

By Wenshin_FriesTEACHER
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Nationalities (Pinyin)

By jiakaili
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Hobbies pinyin

By sam_bateman9
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Pinyin revision

By hanachan211
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Pinyin 3

By meilinwang
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Conversational - Pinyin

By granturismo1
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Weather pinyin

By gymgreen23
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Pinyin Finals

By zhanglaoshi_mkaTEACHER
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By Wenshin_FriesTEACHER
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Pinyin and tone

28 terms by ShuoHanyuTEACHER

Pinyin 05

By inami0221
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clothes pinyin

By gymgreen23
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Countries (Pinyin)

By jiakaili
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Pinyin Unit 1 - part 1

By huanglaoshichineseTEACHER
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Pinyin Unit 1 - Part 2

By huanglaoshichineseTEACHER
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Characters and pinyin

By yanglaoshiMITEACHER
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时间 (time)-Pinyin

By Grade1AvenuesTEACHER
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food -pinyin

By Hao_Yang
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