French Pluperfect Tense Verbs

By MJonesFR
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Spanish - The Pluperfect tense

By EsmeCreedMiles
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Spanish imperfect and pluperfect tense

By jonathonbremmer
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Perfect and Pluperfect Tenses

By sarahbetherickson
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The perfect and pluperfect tenses

By leonoracTEACHER
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present perfect vs pluperfect

By Tresa_Megenity
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Imperfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive tenses

By tomspencerclassics
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Pluperfect Tense Endings

By MeganRebman
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the pluperfect of avoir verbs

By StephenJWood
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Spanish present perfect and pluperfect

By rrserranoTEACHER
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16.1 Rex Pluperfect Practice

By marhoweTEACHER
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Building the Perfect and Pluperfect Passive

By Sarah_May
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The Pluperfect (Le plus-que-parfait)

By mmegrichardsonTEACHER
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Present, Perfect, Imperfect and Pluperfect tenses

24 terms by MissHHardinTEACHER

Past perfect (Pluperfect)

By Gonzalezdebemis
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Chapter 12 - Pluperfect ("had")

By HistoryTeacherish__
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Latin Pluperfect Lesson Vocab

By Katherine_Teipel
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perfect, pluperfect, future perfect

By duffeye
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Spanish Vocab pluperfect

By hcatherine2
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Pluperfect Haber Vocabulary

By er_reed
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Pluperfect Verb List

By robertquiroga
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Present Prefect and Pluperfect

By jle035
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pluperfect and future perfect

By rainjohnston
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Chapter 11: Pluperfect Subjunctive

By jmoss10a
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Present Perfect + Pluperfect

10 terms by SH2BA

Spanish Arriba Chapter 14 Pluperfect

By DogsMumm
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Spanish Pluperfect Irregulars

By Jayci_Wicker
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Latin1-Future Pluperfect

By Sydsterooni
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second conjugation: pluperfect tense

By india3056
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Present perfect and pluperfect

By knvannest_12
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Imperfect & Pluperfect Active Subjunctive

By se4hagen
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Pluperfect Subjunctive Verbs

By Jeongwon_Ryu
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pluperfect/ present perfect

By tifnog
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Latin 101 Pluperfect Tense

By adam-glassner
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Pluperfect - haber + past principle

By gaby_bourne
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Spanish Pluperfect Tense

By Sam16JC
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Pluperfect and Future Perfect

By krishandy
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Imperfect and Pluperfect Endings

By ctswim133
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Italian Pluperfect Verbs

By rockmysoccer
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Spanish Perfect & Pluperfect

By Abrielle_Struna
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Spanish Pluperfect Irregulars

By ideato8120
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Present Perfect and Pluperfect

By MiaKelci
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23 - Perfect & Pluperfect

By lane_johnson2
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Pluperfect and Future perfect

By sophiakolbash
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Latin Pluperfect Tense

By Millie132
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Pluperfect + Future Perfect

By megs1464
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Pluperfect Tense Endings

By nmotmans1
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Pluperfect - se baigner

By Skotecha14
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Irregulars Present and Pluperfect

By ad_cairns
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Latin Vocab VII pluperfect

By fancifish
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