Pluperfect Lesson Vocab

By Stephen_Maliszewski
11 terms by Stephen_Maliszewski

French laver pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

Year 9: Pluperfect Subjunctive

By MagisterGarland
40 terms by MagisterGarland

Pluperfect Lesson Vocab

By leamy20197311
11 terms by leamy20197311

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Gilvey20195615
11 terms by Gilvey20195615

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Radican20170608
11 terms by Radican20170608

Travailler - to work (pluperfect)

By emilyholtom
9 terms by emilyholtom

Pluperfect Indicative Active (Parse)

By magistramuri
30 terms by magistramuri

Pluperfect and Future Perfect

By richgaTEACHER
12 terms by richgaTEACHER

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Justin_Sell7
11 terms by Justin_Sell7

Pluperfect lesson vocab

By Clements20192436
11 terms by Clements20192436

Pluperfect Lesson Vocab

By Nelson20180642
11 terms by Nelson20180642

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Madison_Viotto
11 terms by Madison_Viotto

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By kaylaml7
11 terms by kaylaml7

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By jschoi1375
11 terms by jschoi1375

Pluperfect Lesson Vocab

By emy102
11 terms by emy102

4V_perfect indicative active (to pluperfect)

By Classical_LanguagesTEACHER
10 terms by Classical_LanguagesTEACHER

French devenir pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

French sortir pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

Pluperfect Lesson Vocab

By Trepkau20194282
11 terms by Trepkau20194282

Pluperfect lesson Vocab

By JamesVallay
11 terms by JamesVallay

French entrer pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

French rester pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Tara_Teipel
11 terms by Tara_Teipel

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Raffaele_Palladino
11 terms by Raffaele_Palladino

Pluperfect Lesson Vocabulary

By Nick_Paulter
11 terms by Nick_Paulter

Chapter 3 pluperfect

By benmcrouch
12 terms by benmcrouch

French descendre pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

Pluperfect & past participles

By txntorresTEACHER
22 terms by txntorresTEACHER

French venir pluperfect

By lydiakmck
8 terms by lydiakmck

French Pluperfect and Reflexive Verbs

By ladey01
10 terms by ladey01

Spanish: Pluperfect and Present Perfect

By misseynon
21 terms by misseynon


37 terms by EICMARBELLA

CHAPTER 5 - Pluperfect

By SpanishTutors
10 terms by SpanishTutors

Verbs: Pluperfect Tense

By S_Borthwick
24 terms by S_Borthwick

Spanish imperfect and pluperfect tense

By jonathonbremmer
12 terms by jonathonbremmer

Spanish - The Pluperfect tense

By EsmeCreedMiles
11 terms by EsmeCreedMiles

Perfect and Pluperfect PASSIVE forms

By pwgp1
60 terms by pwgp1

Imperfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive

By gccteacherTEACHER
12 terms by gccteacherTEACHER

Y8 Pragnell Pluperfect

By AldwickburyLanguagesTEACHER
12 terms by AldwickburyLanguagesTEACHER

French Pluperfect Tense Verbs

By MJonesFR
26 terms by MJonesFR

Latin Imperfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive

By Magistra_Loell
12 terms by Magistra_Loell

The perfect and pluperfect tenses

By leonoracTEACHER
16 terms by leonoracTEACHER

Perfect and Pluperfect Tenses

By sarahbetherickson
91 terms by sarahbetherickson

present perfect vs pluperfect

By Tresa_Megenity
26 terms by Tresa_Megenity

Spanish present perfect and pluperfect

By rrserranoTEACHER
37 terms by rrserranoTEACHER

16.1 Rex Pluperfect Practice

By marhoweTEACHER
30 terms by marhoweTEACHER

Imperfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive tenses

By tomspencerclassics
16 terms by tomspencerclassics

Pluperfect Tense Endings

By MeganRebman
8 terms by MeganRebman

The Pluperfect (Le plus-que-parfait)

By mmegrichardsonTEACHER
22 terms by mmegrichardsonTEACHER