English 12 AP Poetry Terms - Rhyme

By alec_vereen
11 terms by alec_vereen

AP Poetry Chapter 19: Prosody: sound, rhythm and rhyme in poetry

By freedomrider8
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By Scott_Moran4TEACHER
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AP Poetry Terms

By mwerly
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Poetry Terms

By gierokaTEACHER
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AP English Poetry Terms - even

By kroscher
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18 terms by JGauthierMRMSTEACHER

Poetry: Rhyme, Form, and Meter

By KTroyna
30 terms by KTroyna

AP English Rhyme terms

By iloveit15
10 terms by iloveit15

Rhyme & Sound

By DestiniJ6
11 terms by DestiniJ6

AP English Literature Poetry Terms

By sevenpets
30 terms by sevenpets

Sound Devices

By Claire_Pentecost3
9 terms by Claire_Pentecost3

Poetry Set 1 Henry

By kathenry
30 terms by kathenry

Poetic Terms AP Literature

By kselcar
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Poetry Terms

By Schl8r
38 terms by Schl8r

Poetic Sound Devices

By Margo_West
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AP Poetry List 2

By S_Elwood
19 terms by S_Elwood

AP English Poetry terms

By Janvi97
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AP Poetry Terms Fine (B)

By AnneMFine
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AP Lit Poetry Terms 1

By Chad_Scoggins
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AP Poetry Terms

By suzanne_lin
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AP Poetry Terms #1

By hagermo
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AP Poetry Terms

By aprogers
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Poetry Terms - AP Lit/Honors

By Beth_Lewis6
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AP Poetry Terms

By tialrreillyTEACHER
70 terms by tialrreillyTEACHER


By gswearTEACHER
38 terms by gswearTEACHER

Poetry Sound Elements

By westlakepotterTEACHER
12 terms by westlakepotterTEACHER

AP English Lit Rhyme Terms

By pelie
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AP Poetry Terms

By Molly_Beck
54 terms by Molly_Beck

AP -- Poetry Boot Camp

By sfhussTEACHER
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Ap English poetry terms

By fusarellimo
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AP Poetry Terms

By dlgrel
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AP English Poetry Terms (1-35)

By brianna_marshel
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The Giant List of Terms for AP English Literature

By lhowardjfk
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AP English Poetry Terms

By npitocco13
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Poetic Terms- Sounds of Poetry: Rhyme, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia

By Olivia_Nichols44
9 terms by Olivia_Nichols44

Loe Poetry terms

53 terms by kloeTEACHER

Poetry Types

By PioneerLady
19 terms by PioneerLady

AP English Poetry Terms

By vincent_qiu
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AP Poetry

By justwhyte
50 terms by justwhyte

Poetry Terms

By Kim_Spradlin
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Sound Devices

By ksagritalo
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chapter 19 prosody: rhythm sound rhyme etc

By shootingstarr
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English Poetry Terms

By annadoan16
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AP English Poetry Terms

By dszanto1216
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AP English Poetry Terms (1-24)

By arneladi
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AP English Poetry Terms- Jessica Fenstermacher

By jessica5450
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English II Poetry Terms

37 terms by RCParrishTEACHER

AP Poetry Terms

By ladevbry
55 terms by ladevbry