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L13: Adenomatous polyps

40 terms By lynnmc25 TEACHER

L14: Non-neoplastic polyps of the Intestine

34 terms By lynnmc25 TEACHER

Path 2.7 Polyps of the stomach

13 terms By hoffy321

Intestinal Polyps and Neoplasia

24 terms By courtney_roake

GI - Colon Cancer & Polyps

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HEENT (Nose, Epistaxis/Polyps)

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Inherited Polyp Syndromes

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Path 4.9 LI Polyps

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Colorectal Neoplasms, Polyps

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Polyps of the colon

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Colonic polyps

12 terms By juanjaramillo

Polyps and Colon Cancer

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Science Polyp and Medusa parts

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Living Rock - Coral Polyps Matching

7 terms By jenniferbjensen TEACHER

Colonic Polyps

62 terms By emkohan

HEENT - Nasal Polyps

7 terms By tywaite

10/31 Polyps, CRC, Syndromes

43 terms By hazel_asumu

Adenomatous Polyps

44 terms By madihouff

Colon Polyps and Cancer

5 terms By dan_poulsen4

GI Polyps

7 terms By AdMcDo

Additional GI Tumors & Polyps

31 terms By Juxsta

Colon Polyps

35 terms By CherisseBerry

Colonic Polyps and Ca

58 terms By fgibney29

Non-Neoplastic Polyps

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colorectal cancer/polyps

72 terms By erincaflisch

Polyps & Neoplastic Lesions 12-2

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Colon cancer and polyps

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