By moirachuTEACHER
45 terms by moirachuTEACHER

Routledge Mandarin Chinese Simplified Characters Lesson 7

By Crowzhenhai
15 terms by Crowzhenhai

Routledge Mandarin Chinese Simplified Characters Lesson 7

By ArtisticFlair
15 terms by ArtisticFlair

Michael's Amazing English - Most Frequently Used Chinese Characters 1-100

By AmazingEnglishTEACHER
100 terms by AmazingEnglishTEACHER

名词 Nouns

By Daxiongmao
10 terms by Daxiongmao

New Practical Chinese Reader Volume 2, Lesson 15

By andrewspy007
53 terms by andrewspy007

Beginners Chinese

By helen73
92 terms by helen73

Combo with Integrated Chinese Lesson 8 Dialogue 1 and 2

By Hzhang14
33 terms by Hzhang14

Level 7: Studying Chinese (Act 2)

By hugoxiongTEACHER
18 terms by hugoxiongTEACHER

Chinese Made Easy 4 Lesson 2: 汉语

By amandayaraghi
32 terms by amandayaraghi

Level 7: Studying Chinese (no pinyin)

By hugoxiongTEACHER
51 terms by hugoxiongTEACHER

Huang He (Yellow River Valley) Civilization

By mjones0209TEACHER
15 terms by mjones0209TEACHER

Chinese Made Easy Vol 4 Lesson 2

By zhilanjuTEACHER
24 terms by zhilanjuTEACHER

Chinese Language

By mydoglucky
65 terms by mydoglucky

T3_My Chinese Learning Experience_1

By ZhongWen11TEACHER
18 terms by ZhongWen11TEACHER

Combo with Integrated Chinese Lesson 6 Dialogue 1 & Dialogue 2

By Hzhang14
33 terms by Hzhang14

Integrated Chinese Lesson 8

By edieselman
41 terms by edieselman

1.2 1-19 sentences

By jarth74
12 terms by jarth74

Chinese for Tomorrow - Lesson 4

By cjbruegge
88 terms by cjbruegge

Extra Verbs (ChineseIII)

By kua-chineseTEACHER
25 terms by kua-chineseTEACHER


By emily_wid
31 terms by emily_wid

Chinese Made Easy 4 - 2

By love_english1004
22 terms by love_english1004

"Studying Chinese" Unit Vocabulary

By Anna_WoodsTEACHER
25 terms by Anna_WoodsTEACHER

Chinese I- cultural section

15 terms by Ellen_GuTEACHER

Lesson 2 vocab-Chinese

By MillyIsaacs
31 terms by MillyIsaacs

C4 Lesson 2

By cang
29 terms by cang

C4 Lesson 2

By WayzataChinese
29 terms by WayzataChinese

Ch. 2 Chinese Vocabulary

By Tra2499
30 terms by Tra2499

Chinese Vocab Lesson 2

By 16shin
29 terms by 16shin

A Study Guide to the AP Chinese Language & Culture Test (1.2 Communication)

By hugoxiongTEACHER
57 terms by hugoxiongTEACHER

1.2 first 19

By jarth74
19 terms by jarth74

第二课 汉语

By Danielle0618
30 terms by Danielle0618

Chinese Lesson 3

By mcnihal000
30 terms by mcnihal000

7th Studying Chinese Part 1

15 terms by PEAKMANDARIN

School Terms Mandarin

By chris3029
9 terms by chris3029

Chinese 3 Final Exam (Dec) Vocab to Memorize

By Anna_WoodsTEACHER
111 terms by Anna_WoodsTEACHER

Han Yu 2.5-2.6 Simplified Characters

By vivian_ju
15 terms by vivian_ju

Lesson 30 Characters

By hycome18
35 terms by hycome18

学汉语 learn Chinese(无拼音)

By Fang_Yang
24 terms by Fang_Yang

CME 4 Unit 2

By mzheng2111
31 terms by mzheng2111

Pronunciation of medical terms

By alejandro_alessio
38 terms by alejandro_alessio

AP Chinese L2 Vocab

By brian_chiang
32 terms by brian_chiang

Chinese language and culture

By mydoglucky
70 terms by mydoglucky

Chinese Grammar Vocabulary Words

By a_stmartin
19 terms by a_stmartin

Ch. 2 Chinese Made Easy 4

By saraheb
30 terms by saraheb