Colors (Traditional Chinese & Pinyin)

By skyfraction
9 terms by skyfraction

Chinese Pronouns (Traditional & Pinyin)

By chulaoshi84TEACHER
9 terms by chulaoshi84TEACHER

Traditional Chinese with Pinyin and Meanings

By scottgsaundersTEACHER
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Pinyin to Traditional Chinese

By philipchaisson
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Chinese Lesson One (Traditional and Pinyin)

By Robert_Bull
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GCSE Chinese (Traditional) with Pinyin

By Katja_Ting
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traditional chinese to pinyin 1-50

By Daishen
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GCSE Chinese (Traditional) with Pinyin

By spencer_liu
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Conversational Chinese_2-1_Traditional/Pinyin

By hsuyiju
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Chinese Traditional to Chinese Pinyin Time and Weather

By Kandyman101
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Chinese 1012 - L17D2 - Traditional/Pinyin

By belles2
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Chinese 1012 - L18D1 - Traditional/Pinyin

By belles2
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Chinese 4 Lesson 7 Traditional to Pinyin

By alexchu98
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Integrated Chinese L1D2 Traditional-Pinyin

By frecker1
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Integrated Chinese L1D1 Traditional-Pinyin

By frecker1
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Chinese Pinyin Sound Practice

By njmarlowe
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Chinese Practice(pinyin)

By dmkye00
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Unit 1 Vocab (pinyin- Chinese traditional)

By Mia_Keegan
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Chinese 4 Lesson 3 Traditional to Pinyin

By ClaudiaYeung
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Chinese 4 Lesson 1 Traditional to Pinyin

By ClaudiaYeung
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Lesson 20 Traditional Chinese with Pinyin

By Drakaeneon20
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traditional chinese to pinyin and english 51-100

By Daishen
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traditional chinese to pinyin and english 1-50

By Daishen
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Unit 2 Vocab (pinyin-Chinese traditional)

By Mia_Keegan
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CCS Grade 7A Chapter-1 Pinyin - Chinese (Traditional)

By MochaDoodle
25 terms by MochaDoodle

New Practical Chinese Reader 17 pinyin

By Angelique_Caris7TEACHER
41 terms by Angelique_Caris7TEACHER

Rosetta Stone Chinese U1.1-1.4 Traditional Chinese --> English (Pinyin)

By scottgsaundersTEACHER
105 terms by scottgsaundersTEACHER

New Practical Chinese Reader, Chapter 9, Pinyin

By xavierdurant
52 terms by xavierdurant