German Prepositions

26 terms By HerrSpencer

prepositions (German)

29 terms By SusanneWinchester Teacher

Dative Prepositions (German 3)

42 terms By TWHerrmann

German 3 - Chapter 4 - Verbs with Prepositions

22 terms By herrcollins Teacher

D3 7A.2 LEARN THIS! verbs + prepositions

11 terms By karahumphrey Teacher

German prepositions

26 terms By Talboo Teacher

German Prepositions and Adjectives

54 terms By rdbusler

2-way Prepositions German

18 terms By frau_jago Teacher

German Verbs + Prepositions

37 terms By rothme

Reflexive verbs with prepositions German 3

9 terms By Simon_Miscenich

German 3: Prepositionen

29 terms By JRENNHOFF Teacher

Matching Verbs with Prepositions

15 terms By FrauGeorgeMHS Teacher

Prepositions: German translations

23 terms By IMDFrau Teacher

Verbs with Prepositional Objects

15 terms By FrauGeorgeMHS Teacher

Deutsch@WHS: German 2-Way Prepositions + Verbs

16 terms By WHS-Deutsch-Roth Teacher

German 3: Prepositions

37 terms By jammelstar96

German Prepositions

25 terms By mad4zd

UGHS - a - prepositional phrases

20 terms By rprescott Teacher

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By HerrSpencer

Prepositions German

43 terms By salomeav

Dative Prepositions -- German 2

38 terms By ky_mollo

German 3 Preposition Test

43 terms By hersheytrack400

German 3 Prepositions

30 terms By oliviagregory38

Prepositions German

24 terms By banoffeepie

Verbs with Prepositions (German-English)

23 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher

Prepositions (German)

29 terms By bennettmemorial

German 3 prepositions

23 terms By amy_miller5

German 3 Genitiv Prepositions

20 terms By frausalonen

Verbs with Prepositions (German)

31 terms By germanstudygroup

Prepositional German Verbs

100 terms By Kendrick_Rowan

German Two-Way Prepositions

9 terms By FrauGeorgeMHS Teacher

Weird Idiomatic Prepositions - German

58 terms By pattimurphy12

Prepositions german

18 terms By KatieSmurphy

German Prepositions

25 terms By lehrerin834

Prepositions (German)

25 terms By laurenkubic

German 2-way Prepositions

19 terms By rothme

D3: Genitiv Case Prepositions

11 terms By rothme

prepositions German Final

14 terms By elliepfister

Prepositional German Verb Phrases

15 terms By joefnelson

Accusative Prepositions (German)

6 terms By katherineminori

Prepositions - German

9 terms By TazmeenMaria22

Prepositions German

18 terms By GraceBuchen

Prepositions German

22 terms By prettypriestess

Dative prepositions (German)

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30 terms By victoria_connelly

German 3 ACC Prepositions

5 terms By Rebecca0625